Announcing the next evolution of SkyKick Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager new feature release delivers out-of-the-box value to improve help desk performance, accelerate Microsoft Teams adoption, and cloud security offerings

Last fall we launched Cloud Manager to help our IT partners emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about the value and impact of Cloud Manager for MSPs – thanks to feedback from hundreds of MSPs already successfully automating their service delivery with Cloud Manager today. The product team has been hard at work, and now we’re excited to announce a major new feature release of Cloud Manager.

Three cool new features

With this Cloud Manager new feature release, there’s even more easy, out-of-the-box ways for MSPs to automate, manage, and secure their cloud help desk, while also accelerating Microsoft Teams adoption.


Cloud Manager Collections helps users easily discover, share, and run automation aligned to the business and the way their team works.

Cloud Manager includes thousands of built-in commands across a wide spectrum of Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications. Collections help organize, elevate, and document groups of commands to give users quick access to the right automation for the task at hand along with any necessary details or instructions. Each Collection includes Notes to add custom documentation, instructions, or other guidance technicians may need to accurately and efficiently use the Collection and commands within it.

You can customize pre-populated Collections or create your own that map to unique workflows or internal processes.

Cloud Manager - Collections for easy discovery and automation


With new monitoring and scheduling capabilities, you can schedule any task to run once or on a recurring basis in the future. Automatically perform single actions like adding or offboarding a user at a specific date and time. Or perform regularly scheduled monitoring reports or actions, including:

  • Running reports for security status, license counts, Teams activity, and more
  • Scanning for security or other system policy issues
  • Inventorying SaaS app licenses and utilization
  • Confirming and remediating user account configuration issues (e.g. mailbox quotas)

In addition to further streamlining the process for your support team, this level of service can drive improved customer satisfaction.

Cloud Manager Monitoring and Scheduling


The entire team can securely use automation in a way that’s personalized to their daily work and responsibilities.

Together with Collections, this feature enables more experienced users to control which commands are available to individual users or groups of users by specifically sharing individual commands or complete Collections of commands. By offering permissions down to the specific user, Cloud Manager operates differently than many tools offered inside cloud administration portals like Microsoft 365.

This feature is available in both the Standard and Professional plans – the Basic subscription does not include this option.

Cloud Manager Advanced Permissions and Sharing

Instant value in 3 key areas

In addition to brand new capabilities, SkyKick is doubling down with ready-to-use automation and best practices in three strategic areas for MSPs with this Cloud Manager new feature release .

To bring it all together, we’ve just launched a brand new digital experience including an overview of ready-to-use Collections and automation in Cloud Manager. And we’ve pulled together useful context and MSP insights to play each opportunity right in three comprehensive playbooks:

  • Streamline Cloud Administration: With 60-70% of MSP work devoted to repetitive, reactive requests, automation can help speed resolution of common help desk tickets, and ensure they stay resolved through standardization. Get ahead with Collections for email and mailbox management, access and permissions, and user and group management.
  • Accelerate Microsoft Teams: Teams is transforming the digital workspace for SMB customers – in fact, user adoption is up 400%. Savvy MSPs are looking to tap into this lucrative opportunity and provide differentiated offerings. Now, it’s easier than ever with end-to-end automation to efficiently deploy, secure, and manage Teams.
  • Deliver Cloud Security: 91% of SMB customers would use an MSP if it offered the right security solution. With Cloud Manager, you can strengthen Microsoft 365 security and provide new value-add offerings with automation to achieve standardization, perform assessments, monitor security and remediate gaps.

All three Cloud Manager Playbooks. Cloud Administration playbook, Microsoft Teams playbook and Cloud security playbook

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Listen in as Harpreet Duggal, Sr Director of Product and Partner Marketing, takes us through this new Cloud Manager digital resource, available to partners now.

Cloud Manager proven framework of MSP insights

To watch video click here or on the image and you’ll be redirected to play the video on our new Cloud Manager page.

With these new features and out-of-the-box value, Cloud Manager can help you contain costs of cloud support, drive revenue growth, mitigate security risk, and ultimately improve your customer experience.

Get started with Cloud Manager today

To put these new capabilities into action, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Cloud Manger by logging into, selecting Cloud Manager in the left-hand navigation, and following the trial setup process.

You can learn more about the Cloud Manager new feature release by visiting our on-demand New Feature Launch Event, and hearing the great content shared during the event – which even included a discussion by MSP industry experts, Erick Simpson and Rich Freeman, on driving transformation through automation and offered great insights from SkyKick Partners who are using Cloud Manager and the new features today.