Accelerate Microsoft Teams adoption and grow revenue

Deploy, secure, and manage Teams efficiently with automation


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Teams adoption is up 400%.
Play this opportunity right with a winning formula

MSPs that support the entire lifecycle of Teams will thrive

Deploy & configure

Consistently and efficiently deploy Microsoft Teams, including baseline configuration

Secure & Protect

Ensure the right level of security, compliance, and data protection across customers

Manage & Support

Drive customer satisfaction and adoption with support that optimizes security and usability

Leverage automation to scalably grow your Teams practice

Here’s a sampling of actions you will find in the playbook

configuring Microsoft office 365 tenant and Microsoft Teams


Configure Microsoft 365 tenant and Teams

Efficiently acquire customers with repeatable deployments that automate customer move and hydrates the Active Directory users into Teams.

If you are moving a customer to Microsoft Teams but have not yet configured the Microsoft 365 tenant – this action will help you perform all the steps to get the customer up and running.

  • Microsoft 365 tenant baseline configuration
  • Connection settings verification
  • AD sync or copy of users and groups (depending on script selected)
  • Licensing of all unlicensed users using the license specified during execution
  • Enabling of Microsoft MFA for all users (recommended)
  • Creation of an All-Company Team with all users added along with a General and Announcements channel (optional)
  • Creation of Teams from a list of security groups provided at run time
Creating Microsoft Teams from and existing group


Create Teams from existing groups

Accelerate adoption by automating the creation of Teams with all the customer content, IP, and users from existing groups.

Customers will need Teams created before they can start using and adopting Microsoft Teams as an integral part of their business. You can use this action to automate the creation of Teams for existing groups in the tenant.

Elevate Microsoft Teams Security


Elevate Teams security to address higher risk scenarios

Go beyond default security settings – easily implement enhanced Teams security.

Update any of the following Microsoft Teams settings for a single customer, group of customers, or all customers.

  • Configure Office 365 Group lifecycle management and set expiration in a # of days
  • Option to allow specific external domain(s) the ability to have external access (different from guest access)
  • Block public Skype users
  • Disable 3rd party cloud storage
  • Disable the ability for anonymous participants to start meetings
  • Require login for OneDrive for Business access that has been shared externally
Protect Microsoft Teams with Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


Protect Teams with data loss prevention (DLP)

Configure DLP policies using easy-to-complete checkboxes that meet the industry and regional customer compliance needs.

Configure defined DLP policies in the Microsoft 365 tenant using easy-to-complete checkboxes that apply Microsoft-based templates to meet the following compliance policies.

Australia Financial Data Protection
Australia Health Records Act (HRIP) protection
Australia Privacy Act protection
Canada Financial Data protection
Canada Health Information Act (HIA) protection
Canada Personally Identifiable Information Data protection
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protection
Germany Financial Data protection
Germany Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Data protection
PCI Data Security Standard protection

UK Access to Medical Reports Act protection
UK Data Protection Act protection
UK Financial Data protection
UK Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Data protection
US Financial Data protection
US Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act protection
US Health Insurance Act protection
US Patriot Act protection
US Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Data protection
US State Breach Notification Laws protection

Easily add and manage Microsoft Teams and optimize usage


Add and manage Microsoft Teams to optimize usability

Ensure your help desk is equipped to drive usage and adoption by quickly and accurately closing support requests. 

Easily enable or disable the following settings with intuitive toggle switches.

  • Access Type Private
  • Allow Channel Mentions
  • Allow Custom Memes
  • Allow Delete Channels
  • Allow Giphy
  • Allow Owner Delete Messages
  • Allow Stickers and Memes
  • Allow Team Mentions
  • Allow User Delete Messages Allow
  • User Edit Messages

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