How to manage
Microsoft 365 security

Quick guides to manage customers’ Microsoft 365 Secure Scores

Security Manager video tutorials on M365 security

In these quick tutorials learn how Security Manager can help you manage your customers’ Microsoft 365 security at scale.

Microsoft 365 Secure Scores

How to know where you stand today

Safe Links

How to improve Secure Scores by 80 points or more by adding Safe Links and Anti-Phishing policies

Anti-Phishing Policies

How to protect your customers from phishing attacks with new workflows

Microsoft 365 Settings

How to align common M365 security settings with Microsoft best practices

Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring

How to automate the monitoring of key M365 settings. Report and repair to save you time

Customer Review Report

How to facilitate customer conversations and grow your security practice

Convert a M365 Mailbox to a Shared Mailbox

How to convert a Microsoft 365 mailbox to a shared mailbox to ensure business continuity and proper licensing

Anti-Spam Policies

How to set a baseline across all mailboxes to reduce user frustration with inbox spam

Anti-Malware Policies

How to quickly assess and protect your customers from Malware attacks

MFA Status Report

How to quickly assess your customer’s first line of defense

Exchange Online Settings

How to protect mailboxes and calendars from unwanted security risks

SharePoint Settings

How to harden SharePoint Security and increase your customers’ secure score(s)

Security Alerts and Risky Users

How to find the most urgent M365 security issues and remediate them

Protect Against Password Spray Attack

How to remediate password spray attacks with just a couple of clicks

Microsoft 365 Security Baselines

How to easily show M365 security baseline configuration and identify items that haven’t yet met baseline standards

Solution Updates

How to instantly get the latest security solutions in Security Manager

Advanced Permissions and Sharing

How to easily configure permissions and give users role-appropriate access

Voice of the Partner

Hear from savvy partners and learn how they work smarter not just harder in delivering and monetizing M365 security for their customers

With the MFA Report in Security Manager, we’re able to analyze our customers’ MFA status quickly for all tenants and send them a monthly report about users that haven’t yet configured their authentication factors or are not MFA enabled.

Nicole Gutmann, Systems Engineer, MTF – EMEA

We have a duty of care to our customers so we proactively approach them with security suggestions and reports… Security Manager gives us the perfect way to get more consistency and repeatability in our Security delivery.

Sean Ernstzen, Managing Director, Impreza – EMEA

A challenge we’ve had in the past is consistency across all our clients. Having this consistency through Security Manager has been a big help. It’s amazing how many things we can do and automate with Security Manager.

Brian Minker, Partner, ABLE Technology Partners – US

What’s not to love about this? Find it, fix it, automate it. So much of security is attention management, and this coupled with the automation makes Security Manager a tremendous addition to the toolkit out there for partners.

Jonathan Davis, Principal Security Program Manager, Microsoft – US

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