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Built-in automation can help you work smarter, faster, and more secure
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See how Cloud Manager can help you improve help desk performance, grow revenue, and strengthen security in these self-guided product tours.

Deliver Microsoft 365 Security

Cloud Manager can help you easily provide security and compliance services. In this tour, perform a M365 security assessment, remediate gaps and monitor 15 key security settings across customers.

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Manage Microsoft Teams

Drive usage with efficient services and support. In this tour, experience how to report on Teams activity, perform common support tasks like creating new Teams, and monitor key metrics across customers.

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Streamline Help Desk Activities

See how to put your cloud help desk get on the front foot. In this tour, you’ll use Cloud Manager to generate a Microsoft 365 User Report, quickly enable MFA across users, and monitor critical customer data.

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Easily Connect Cloud Services

Cloud Manager is built for the way IT Providers work. In this tour, see how easy it is to activate customers and their cloud-connected services for automated management and security.

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