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Secure employee workflows with Microsoft 365 OneDrive data protection

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We standardized on SkyKick Cloud Backup for its comprehensiveness, ease of use, and leadership in data privacy policies.”

– Ívar Hákonarson, Sensa

OneDrive for Business allows employees to securely store and protect their individual files. SkyKick Cloud Backup adds an extra layer of protection – giving you peace of mind.

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Secure your critical OneDrive data

SkyKick Cloud Backup provides an extra layer of protection with secure, comprehensive, OneDrive for Business backups and restores. Its flexible restore options simplify OneDrive data recovery, allowing you to protect and restore customer data with ease.

Granular Recovery Options

Our cloud-native solution can quickly recover individual files or OneDrive For Business Accounts to a point in-time, transferring them back to their original location.

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Groups Management

Say goodbye to manually juggling customer onboarding and offboarding. Groups Management streamlines your processes with automated user management. Have greater control over multiple clients and ensure your customers remain protected!

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Microsoft 365 backup built for MSPs

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Secure customer data and grow recurring revenue

Open doors to strategic revenue opportunities and win customer trust with a top-tier data protection solution for hybrid work.

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SkyKick’s Cloud Backup is an invaluable asset in our company’s portfolio of IT service offerings. Their tools enable us to scale and improve our productivity.

Christo van Zyl

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