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A powerful, easy-to-use application to manage Microsoft 365 security. Purpose-built for ITSPs

See how Security Manager can help you improve customer security, reduce cost and accelerate growth for all your Microsoft 365 customers.

Each self-guided tour below walks you through the in product experience using Security Manager at your own speed

Find and triage security issues quickly

Security Manager easily discovers security risks across all your customers under management. In this tour, experience how you can turn millions of security signals into actionable insights, and prioritize the vulnerabilities requiring immediate resolution.

Duration: 4 min

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Fix them once and for all

Empower mainstream staff to create scalable remediation solutions. In this tour, you will learn how easy it is to leverage out of the box automation and workflows and to turn top M365 security scenarios into 1-click remediation solutions that will ensure ongoing compliance across all your customers.

Duration: 6 min

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Automate and monetize

Grow recurring revenue by efficiently delivering a standard security MSP bundle. In this tour, discover how advanced automation capabilities including scheduling and continuous monitoring put top Microsoft 365 security scenarios on autopilot, allowing you to build a scalable security business with Security Manager.

Duration: 3 min

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Day 1 Value – Unique Partner Center Technology

Security Manager is built to enhance IT Providers efficiency, with a low barrier to adoption. In this tour, wait to be amazed at how SkyKick’s proprietary integration with Microsoft Partner Center surfaces up the security data of all your Microsoft 365 customers dynamically in a meaningful way, and opens new opportunities.

Duration: 2 min

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