Automate Cloud Administration to drive Help Desk performance 

Control costs, strengthen security, and deliver excellent service


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The average Cloud MSP Help Desk is trapped on the backfoot with the onslaught of reactive support tickets

Poor customer experience

On average, 46% of tickets escalated – Tier 1 is triaging, not resolving

Inefficient and costly

Average net profit margin amongst cloud MSPs can be as low as 7%

Heightened security risks

Data breaches in small and mid-sized businesses can top $2.6 million

Three support scenarios drive 60-70% of the reactive tickets

Access & Permissions

  • Add/Remove Microsoft 365 Users
  • Reset Microsoft 365 Passwords
  • Manage user access to SaaS apps beyond Microsoft 365

Email & Mailbox

  • Convert mailbox to shared
  • Manage quarantined emails
  • Get mailbox statistics across customers

Users & Groups

  • Get Microsoft 365 user report
  • Create and manage groups
  • Monitor Microsoft 365 user and license information

Automate repetitive tasks & put the help desk on the front-foot

Here’s a sampling of actions you will find in the playbook

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Monitor email and mailbox health across M365

Automate proactive scanning of mailbox health to resolve issues before they start.

Get ahead of mailbox issues and troubleshoot them faster if they occur. Drive great customer conversations with informed reports.

Anyone on the Help Desk can run this action across customers to generate a report of mailbox statistics.

Monitoring and managing email health in Microsoft 365
managing quarantined emals in Microsoft 365


Efficiently manage quarantined emails

Use automation to discover, report, block or release quarantined emails.

Manage all facets of quarantined emails.

  • Discover and report on quarantined emails
  • Release emails that are determined safe from quarantine
  • Proactively quarantine or block email from a specific address
showing quarantined and managed emails
Managing user access to slack, drop box, zoom, docusign, box and QuickBooks


Manage user access to popular SaaS apps

Enable the help desk to support Box, Dropbox, Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom & more.

Support common user access and permission requests for customer applications beyond Microsoft 365.

Cloud manager product view of cross SaaS user management
Creating and managing Microsoft 365 groups


Create and Manage Microsoft 365 Groups

Single interface to quickly configure groups and drive customer productivity.

Ensure your customers have the right groups configured in the right ways with the right members. One click automation to efficiently create Microsoft 365 groups plus additional automation available to perform common group management tasks including:

  • List Microsoft 365 unified groups
  • Set Microsoft 365 organization group default private
  • Set Microsoft 365 organization group default public
  • Update all Microsoft 365 public group to be private


Equip the help desk with vital M365 user stats

Make reactive support efficient by providing in-context intelligence.

Get a report of key user status and settings across any specified number of customers. Including the follow user details:

  • Username
  • Email addresses
  • MFA status
  • Assigned License(s)
Microsoft 365 user stats report view

Download the Cloud Administration Playbook

Cover of Cloud Manager Cloud Administration Playbook. Resove help desk tickets, reduce escalations and deliver great service

See Cloud Manager in action

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