Cloud Manager and a winning Teams strategy

Build a winning Microsoft Teams strategy to grow revenue and customer relevance

New framework helps Partners create a successful managed service offering around Teams

Microsoft Teams is a workspace collaboration platform designed for today’s increasingly mobile, global, and social workers. With 145M users already in Teams and more being added every day, savvy MSPs are looking to tap into this lucrative workload, with a potential to add $15-$20 for each seat under management. Built upon Microsoft 365 applications and infrastructure, Microsoft Teams provides a natural progression in the MSP services portfolio. With Cloud Manager, MSPs can build a winning Microsoft Teams strategy to help grow revenue and customer relevance.

Tapping into the opportunity with a relatively new workload like Teams requires a strategy to build and grow a differentiated service that will pay dividends for the years. What’s more, the viability of this popular workload hinges on an MSP’s ability to efficiently drive deeper customer adoption and usage – as organizations think about communicating, collaborating, accessing data, and sharing information in a secure cloud environment.

The winning formula: 3 essential MSP plays

MSPs agree that a successful offering for this workload must address technical elements that drive secure, efficient deployments, as well as help desk and professional services readiness to build customer confidence and guide the adoption journey. Accordingly, a winning Microsoft Teams strategy must address speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of migrating and supporting the users in a way that will drive confidence, understanding, and business value.

Research with some of the most successful partners who are building practices in Microsoft Teams has shown that a winning formula is a combination of three vital moves.

1. Acquire large numbers of customers with efficient deployments
Given the high customer demand and appetite for this service, the first order of business is figuring out how to deploy Teams in unprecedented numbers, while controlling costs and still providing an excellent customer experience. A velocity-based repeatable sales and delivery model, instills customer confidence by consistently delivering predictable business outcomes.

2. Prioritize differentiation and value-add services like high security deployments
While moving fast is important, moving right is even more critical. Beyond a commoditized Teams deployment built around baseline scenarios, partners can offer a more premium and differentiated value with deployments that comply with the privacy and security requirements of more demanding customers. And these can increase pricing power and uniqueness in the market.

3. Create an efficient and effective support model to drive adoption
Providing increased value-add services requires having a Help Desk that is empowered to deliver accurate and responsive support. Therefore, the deployments that will take hold and result in adoption and usage (the keys to long term revenue) are those where the partner prioritizes a robust support desk that is equipped with the right tools and technical knowledge to guide customers and deliver effective support.

Automate the full Teams adoption lifecycle with SkyKick Cloud Manager

Microsoft Teams can be a great launchpad for MSPs to expand their managed services portfolio – if you can apply automation across the full adoption lifecycle.

Automate the full Teams adoption lifecycle with SkyKick

SkyKick Cloud Manager helps you bring automation-assisted efficiency to your Teams business practice by delivering the tools needed for repeatable deployment and expansion. It improves cost efficiency and team productivity through easy-to use tools for the front-line support teams, while empowering them to provide profitable value-add services to expand the business footprint.

While Cloud Manager provides a robust platform to grow a profitable Microsoft Teams business, it also includes peer-tested, pre-built automation that helps partners get going in some of the most critical areas across the full lifecycle: Deploy & Configure, Secure & Protect, and Manage & Support. Whether ensuring the right level of security and compliance across customers or equipping the Help Desk with the right set of automation to support customers, Cloud Manager is a valuable asset in driving Teams usage and adoption across your customers. Build a winning Microsoft Teams strategy today with Cloud Manager. Explore more our recent Microsoft Teams Playbook.

Download the new playbook to accelerate your Microsoft Teams practice

To explore a framework for improving Teams adoption and growing revenue – we invite you to download a new playbook, which brings together MSP insights, best practices, and ready to use automation. It includes 10+ high-value scenarios you can bring into your cloud business.

Then, to put these new key actions and capabilities into play with ease, start your free trial of Cloud Manager.  Simply log in to, select Cloud Manager in the left-hand navigation, and follow the steps in the trial setup process.

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