5 Takeaways from the ‘Cloud Backup Made Easy’ Webinar

A few weeks ago, SkyKick hosted a webinar titled ‘Cloud Backup Made Easy’ which gave listeners an introduction to the world of Cloud Backup, what and why the service is needed and most significantly, valuable perspectives from leading MSPs who have been successful in building their Backup practice in their respective markets.  In this session, SkyKick Product Marketing Director Mark Pendergrast moderated a discussion with Pete Jones, Executive Vice President at DCNC, Inc (Colorado, USA) and Shane Monty, Vice President at Bang, Inc. (Quebec, Canada).

Among the key learnings shared during the webinar were:

1. Offering a Cloud Backup service of O365 is a natural next step after migrating clients to the cloud. It’s a complementary service that should be bundled together by MSPs for maximum effect. In fact, successful partners are making it a non-negotiable component of their portfolio.

2. Selecting the right Cloud Backup vendor is crucial for success – pick one (like SkyKick) who provides a service that’s seamless, requires low overhead and doesn’t take internal bandwidth away from more profitable tasks within the company. After all, as an add-on service it can’t be expensive to run.

3. Adding Cloud Backup to an MSP practice can help a partner transition to a more profitable recurring revenue model built on services. Although the shift may take some time, it is a necessary step for most partners to stay relevant and competitive.

4. Office 365 Cloud Backup should be pitched to end customers as an insurance policy – and clearly put in context that Microsoft’s native retention policies aren’t enough. A malicious attack or disgruntled employee will likely get around these nearly every time.

5. And finally, a clear benefit of adopting Cloud Backup is to help move end customers from a ‘Break Fix’ to ‘Complete Care’ model which is based on managed services – like Cloud Backup – where everything is under the same umbrella. Customers see the benefit of being under this kind of protection vs. just being reactive when things are broken.

Watch the webinar on-demand 

These are just a few of the insights shared by partners DCNC and Bang in the webinar. Additional guidance on how to get started with Cloud Backup can be found in this overview article in the SkyKick Help Center. Or, if you’d like to If you’d like to watch the full 30-minute webinar, it is available on-demand here on the SkyKick webinar landing page. Enjoy!