Add value with Cloud Backup

To-customer content to help MSPs add value with Cloud Backup

New tools to drive customer conversations and close more Cloud Backup deals.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the MSP ecosystem, partners are increasingly looking for ways to stay ahead. According to a recent report from market research firm Gartner, overall IT spend in 2020 is likely to be down 8% YoY. However, customer spend on cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 is expected to be up 19% – with cloud-based conferencing apps like Teams estimated to grow 24.3%. Savvy partners are pitching value-add solutions like Cloud Backup and security services that allow them to benefit from this growth trend, while also providing great customer service.

Despite the projected increase in demand, MSPs around the world are being met with SMB customers who while hesitant to open the purse are willing to hear about solutions promoting business continuity and security right now. SkyKick Cloud Backup is one such solution. Our savviest MSPs recognize the value of Cloud Backup, in collaboration with these leading partners SkyKick has put together a number of educational resources and proven to-customer content to spark successful conversations around Cloud Backup.

New Cloud Backup content available on SkyKick’s Readiness Hub

SkyKick’s Readiness Hub is a free resource dedicated to helping partners grow their cloud practice with sales information, tools, and customizable marketing and sales content – that’s free to download. Check out the latest content available to help scale your efforts.

Cloud Backup to-customer educational video

Ease the sales burden by communicating efficiently with customers.

  • Publish directly on your website or social media to help tell the story to customers. As usual, completely white-label-friendly, so YOU remain the hero. View video
To-customer content to help MSPs add value with Cloud Backup
  • Pairs great with the available Cloud Backup Blog and social posts on that same page in the Readiness Hub, alongside available email templates, pitch decks and more.


Cloud Backup website content

Use in part or whole to quickly tell the story of Cloud Backup on your website.

  • HTML-friendly components ready to use as your see fit. Can be used on your website, in your customer emails, or in social media.


  • Let your website work for your sales motion, especially at this time when social distancing practices are the norm. View content
Cloud Backup Product Page


Cloud Backup customer conversation guide

Anticipate and respond to customer concerns with proven answers that win over conversations.

Cloud Backup Customer Conversation Framework


Cloud Backup Waiver

A proven sales tool for driving wide adoption of Backup


As always, we’re committed to our Partners. SkyKick is here to help. Check back often as new content is released regularly in the Readiness Hub.



1. Gartner, Inc. 13 May 2020, “Gartner Says Global IT Spending to Decline 8% in 2020 Due to Impact of COVID-19.