Cloud Backup Demo Day webinar – 5 key takeaways

In early July, SkyKick hosted its inaugural Cloud Backup Demo Day webinar where we provided attendees with an overview of the service’s target scenarios, the role it can play in accelerating partner business, and its ultimate value to end customers. We concluded with a detailed demonstration of Cloud Backup capabilities and features, led by our in-house technical expert, Product Manager Krishna Tamburino.

Among the lessons from the Cloud Backup webinar were these 5 key points: 

  1. Misunderstandings of Microsoft policies can lead to data exposure risks for partners and customers.
    Common misconceptions surrounding Microsoft’s role in providing Office 365 services include thinking that user data is automatically backed up in the cloud. The reality is that Microsoft’s commitment extends only to the service itself – not the underlying data itself. Beyond the normal retention policies – in most cases up to 30 days – most user data is not saved, potentially putting an MSP at risk if a customer calls in the event of a data loss event.
  2. SkyKick Cloud Backup service can be a key enabler of a Partner business transformation
    As a subscription service, Cloud Backup offers Partners a source of recurring revenue from end customers – one that taps a growing market given the steadily increasing penetration of the Office 365 SaaS service. Furthermore, its low touch, easy to manage Partner experience helps improves operational efficiency and increases margins.
  3. Placing an initial order for Cloud Backup is very simple – get going in minutes
    SkyKick designed the service to maximize approachability and ease of use for partners – from quickly selecting any – or all – of Office 365’s components for backup (Exchange mail, Sharepoint/OneDrive, or Groups) to seamless cloud to cloud based discovery of a tenant’s full scope, including public mailboxes and shared resources – with no local software installation required. For Partners who want more control, SkyKick also gives them flexibility to set more granular settings for backing up individual users, sites, folders and resources.
  4. Powerful search makes it easy to find that crucial item in a pinch.
    Whether it’s a departed employee’s mailbox, an individual email that’s gone missing, or a critical folder that was accidentally deleted, Cloud Backup’s integrated search functionality makes it easy for partners to provide value for end customers looking to recover data and ensure ongoing productivity. Partners can search for items by subject, sender, recipient or keyword, across Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, or Groups.
  5. ‘One-click restore’ is real and a proven contributor to Partner satisfaction
    Once the desired item – or items – have been found through search, restoring them to their previous locations is also seamless and quick. It’s the same experience whether it’s a full mailbox, folder, site restore – or just a specific email. Partner IT admins have options on how to restore these items, either resetting data completely back to a specific date, or merging with existing content. They also can divert the restore process to other user mailboxes – very useful when employees leave a company.

Watch the webinar on-demand 

If you’d like to view the full 30-minute webinar, it is available on-demand here. The webinar provides a 30 minute overview of the product and a detailed demonstration of our SkyKick Cloud Backup service, a key Office 365 add-on that helps offset these risks and provide value to their end customers