Enterprise Migration Suite

A robust alternative to hybrid migrations: Plan, move, set-up and manage 250+ seat cutover or staged migrations

Enterprise Migration Planner

Migrate thousands of users without them lifting a finger

Enterprise Migration Suite

Large projects require a robust, adaptable plan combined with powerful management capabilities. The Enterprise Migration planner makes it easy to discover, triage and configure multi-source, mixed protocol migration projects with thousands of users.

Start migrating easily, without weeks of complex reconfiguration of your customer’s environment.

Email Assessment

The first step in the planning process is to analyze your customer’s email environment. Starting simply with an e-mail address and password, the Web Planner determines the email server protocol and settings, and assesses system accessibility.

Edit and Bulk Edit

Easily handle complex email scenarios with no programming required! Do advanced hybrid migration operations like cross-mailbox data migrations, and advanced email routing in just a few simple clicks.

Easy to set-up

Start migrating with minimal to zero reconfiguration of your customer’s local environment. No risk of breaking changes, no additional servers and no complex integration steps.

Migration Sync

Keep all the critical pieces in sync

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After the plan has been submitted, SkyKick’s Migration Sync technology orchestrates the entire migration project, keeping all the critical pieces in sync. It automatically adjusts if you or the customer want to change the cutover schedule or make changes to staging groups.

The application pre-syncs, re-syncs and continues to sync post-cutover to virtually eliminate data migration risk.

Server Sync

SkyKick syncs the data before, during, and after the cutover date. This virtually eliminates data migration risk and provides one of the fastest, most flexible, and easiest migration solutions on the market.

Granular Throttling Controls

Keep the source environment healthy throughout the migration process with granular throttling controls that can schedule data synchronization to eliminate end-user disruption.

Account and User Provisioning

Migration Sync provisions users according to the migration plan created in the Web Planner. Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, Distribution Groups, Public Folders – and more – can be quickly configured, re-configured and have their data, settings and permissions migrated.

Outlook Assistant

Completely seamless end-user experience

Outlook Assistant

The Outlook Assistant is a lightweight client app that makes sure every desktop is ready to migrate well in advance of the user’s cloud transition, keeping you in complete control.

The Outlook Assistant automatically sets up Outlook and retains Outlook extras like Address Autocomplete and Email Signatures. It migrates PSTs and reattaches custom PSTs, ensuring timely transfer of all the company’s email data.

End-Users will be delighted by a seamless, disruption-free migration experience that didn’t require anything of them.

Desktop Readiness

With a large number of desktops, often spread over a number of locations, it’s difficult to know ahead of time whether each machine has the right version of Outlook and all the necessary Windows Updates deployed to work with Office 365. Instead of discovering desktop issues, all at once in a post-cutover meltdown, the Outlook Assistant will ensure that each desktop is ready to migrate ahead of time. No desk-side reconfiguration, no finger-crossing, no user downtime.

Outlook Extras

For the end users, setting up their Outlook means more than just connecting to Office 365. They rely on their personalized settings in Outlook to help them work more efficiently. The Outlook Assistant retains things like signature blocks, Address Autocomplete (NK2), and PST data stores. There’s no need for you to reconfigure each desktop post-migration or configure a hybrid.

Office 365 Setup

The SkyKick Assistant automatically sets up the new Outlook profile to work with Office 365. It’s basically hands-free for end users.

Easy, Managed Deployment

You can deploy the Outlook Assistant via Group Policy or other centralized MSI deployment technology. This eliminates any end user involvement in the deployment process and doesn’t require any elevated local privileges. If you can’t deploy via the packaged MSI, the end user self-service installation is simple to perform and easy to manage.

Migration Manager

A single place to track, monitor and take action on your projects

Migration Dashboard

SkyKick’s project management technology gives you and your team one central command center to manage your migration business.

Say goodbye to offline processes, Excel docs, and the back and forth over email.

The Migration Manager provides at-a-glance tracking across all your in-progress migrations.

Migration Dashboard

Whether you’ve got one project or dozens, the Migration Dashboard enables you and your team to quickly stay up to date and in sync on project status. Easily view the status of all the migration stages within a given enterprise project.


Pre-syncing the data and pre-configuring the desktops lets you track issues before they cause disruption. Real-time notifications on the things you need to know to ensure a flawless migration. Alerts allow you to proactively manage and address any issues before the migration switch, giving you the control you need to minimize risk. It’s an indispensable feature for managing large migrations with thousands of users.

Change Migration Plan

The only constant in enterprise migrations is change. The Migration Manager provides the flexibility and control to easily add, modify and adapt almost every aspect of your migration plan.

Detailed Reporting

Get detailed user status and machine level reporting. You can even export to Excel to share with your customer.

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