Data-Only Email Migrations

A simple, fast, flexible way to migrate just the mailbox data

The SkyKick Data-Only Migration Application has been reimagined to streamline data-only migration projects.

Get started quickly and safely with simple, secure setup

Use the completely redesigned interface and powerful automation to accelerate project setup and confidently rely on Modern Authentication and enhanced security certifications to ensure every aspect of the migration is protected.

Streamlined setup

  • Redesigned user interface streamlines navigation and project steps
  • Intelligent configuration defaults for added efficiency and repeatability
  • Impersonation can be used to migrate all your users with one, master credential

Powerful automation

  • Improved discovery helps you accurately uncover information about the critical variables of the migration project, with less manual effort
  • Sophisticated auto-matching of source and target objects saves time, effort, and hassle

Enhanced security

  • Modern Authentication support for Microsoft 365 source and target
  • Certified security based on industry-recognized standards and best practices, such as ISO 27001. For more information, see the SkyKick Trust Center.

Optimize project configuration with flexible import, sync, and validation options

Use expanded configuration options and greater control over syncs and sync timing to optimize project configuration and ensure a smooth migration using new connectivity validation tools.

Expanded configuration options

  • The Project Configuration Spreadsheet can be used to easily add, update, and edit data, including users and their credentials
  • Export discovered data, review, and bulk upload edits

sync controls

  • Flights allow similar objects to be grouped together for more control over syncs
  • The schedule for each Flight can be configured as needed to meet project requirements

validation tools

  • Connectivity tools can be used to proactively test and troubleshoot connectivity to source, target, and all mailboxes
  • Robust error detection and troubleshooting information enable users to proactively address issues and avoid unexpected delays

Rely on powerful, intelligent sync technology to reduce effort and risk

Next-generation sync technology delivers powerful, comprehensive, and adaptive performance. Unlimited automated and on-demand syncs of both new data and mailbox changes before, during, and after cutover provide the highest fidelity and most seamless migration on the market.

intelligent syncs

  • Next-generation sync technology delivers up to 2x faster
  • Upgraded server sync technology improves sync fidelity
  • Syncs adapt dynamically to M365 throttling


  • Basics – Emails, calendar, contacts
  • Permissions – Mailbox, calendar, and public folder permissions
  • Calendar Fidelity – Calendar meeting invite and status integrity
  • Email Integrity – Email Flags, categories, folders

Delta syncs to migrate mailbox changes

  • Delta syncs keep the Microsoft 365 mailbox consistent with the source mailbox
  • Changes to mailboxes, including folder structure, names, and contents are replicated in the target Microsoft 365 tenant

Productively manage every aspect of the project with granular visibility, control, and reporting

Easily track migration status, drill into details, and receive notifications with troubleshooting tips if issues arise. Stay in control with on-demand resyncs and the ability to add mailboxes at any time, even after cutover. Get expanded reports for improved insights, management, and customer reporting.

Improved visibility and troubleshooting

  • Easily monitor all your projects and quickly drill into the status of each project, Flight, sync, and object
  • Receive notifications with robust troubleshooting information to resolve issues if they arise


  • Use Flights to control syncs and sync schedules throughout the project
  • Perform resyncs on demand
  • Add mailboxes at any time, even after cutover


  • Migration Sync Report provides a real-time snapshot of sync details
  • Migration Sweep Report includes number of items detected and migrated during a Sweep Sync
  • Items Not Migrated Report which provides details on any indexed item that was not migrated

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