Data-Only Email Migrations

Migrate just the mailbox data

Data-Only Application

Just the mailbox data, with the quality and ease you’d expect from SkyKick

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The Data-Only Migration Application is a high-quality, multi-pass migration application designed for high-fidelity migration of mailbox data.

Data-Only is perfect for customers with deskless workers, Mac shops, and projects where the customer has already done the project work and just needs their data migrated.

The SMB and Enterprise Migration Suites offer best-in-class capabilities to deliver seamless migration projects end-to-end, from Planning to Outlook Setup.

Server Sync

Automatically syncs the data before, during, and after the migration to provide the highest fidelity and most seamless migration on the market.

Keep Office 365 mailbox consistent with the source, even when users update their folder structure.

Mailbox Auto-Match

Automated matching between the source and Office 365 accounts saves you time, effort, and hassle.

Source-Side Impersonation

Migrate all your users with one, master credential.

Real-Time Connectivity

Validates connectivity to all mailboxes during the setup to avoid unexpected delays.

Import CSV

Quick and easy bulk import of users and their credentials.

Migrate when you want

Migrate immediately, or reduce risk by scheduling a migration at a future date and time. Your call.

Server Sync

Mailbox data migration, with the quality and ease you’d expect from SkyKick

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SkyKick’s Server Sync technology will sync until the job is done.

As with the SMB and Enterprise Migration Suites, Data-Only offers multi-pass Migration Sync capabilities that will sync as often as required.

The Data-Only application uses SkyKick’s powerful Server Sync technology to migrate a comprehensive set of source-side data across a variety of protocols.

High Quality Data Sync

Server Sync™ technology ensures comprehensive data migration before, during and after the MX record flip

Basics – Emails, calendar, contacts

Permissions – Mailbox, calendar, and public folder permissions

Calendar Fidelity – Calendar meeting invite and status integrity

Email Integrity – Email Flags, categories, folders

Easy Setup

Powerful email discovery and mailbox Auto-Match simplifies source and destination match-up

Sync with one, master credential or individual credential upload

6-clicks from start to finish

100% web-based

Less Effort

Server Sync automates data synchronization, which means no more managing “migration passes” and other migration busy work

Self-healing technology adapts to server health to reduce errors and issues from unhealthy source servers

Server Throttling minimizes impact on source environment and potential end-user downtime

Lightning fast technology reduces overall migration times

Less Risk

Server Sync allows you to move all the data before the cutover, reducing your project risk

Migration Sync will make as many passes as required to ensure all data is migrated. Syncs are not capped – Migration Sync will sync as many times as needed to ensure consistency with the source mailbox and make sure the job is done right

Our technology is architected to ensure high levels of security. Point-to-point replication means your data is never stored on SkyKick servers. Data is encrypted and migrated via TLS

Migration Manager

A single place to easily track, monitor and take action on your projects

Mig Tracker

The Migration Tracker gives you and your team one central command center to manage your migration business.

Say goodbye to offline processes, excel docs, and the back and forth over email. The Migration Manager provides at-a-glance tracking across all your in-progress migrations.

While Server Sync keeps the data synchronized and the Migration Tracker keeps your team – and your customers – synchronized. Alerts and activity tracking puts real-time information at your fingertips.

Migration Tracker

Whether you’ve got one project or dozens, the Migration Tracker enables you and your team to quickly stay up to date and in sync on project status. Easily view the status of all the automated migration processes involved in the project.


Real-time notifications on the things you need to know to ensure a flawless migration. Alerts allow you to proactively manage and address any issues before the migration switch, giving you the control you need to minimize risk. It’s an indispensable feature for managing large migrations with thousands of users.

Change Migration Plan

The Migration Manager provides the flexibility and control to easily add, modify, delete almost every aspect of your migration plan.

Detailed Reporting

Get detailed user status and reporting. You can even export to Excel to share with your customer.

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