What’s new in the Help Center? | Outlook Assistant Management | SkyKick

We continue to expand and improve our Help Center, based on your feedback, evolving technology, and the growth of our products. In the last couple of months, we have added 12 new articles and updated many others. Here are a few:

Installing and Managing the Outlook Assistant

This article now includes four options for deploying the Outlook Assistant, including a decision matrix to help you identify the right method for each migration:

* End User

* Standard Group Policy Deployment

* Silent Group Policy Deployment

* Group Policy Deployment for Hands-Free

The three Group Policy deployment methods also now include our new Outlook Assistant MSI Helper which streamlines these deployments.

Configuring Non-User Mailboxes

This article provides expanded and updated content focused on non-user mailboxes, including how to access the Resource Room beta which streamlines the migration of these types of non-user Mailboxes.

Addressing the Office 365 mailbox limit

SkyKick automation provides alerts when it detects mailbox sizes that will be impacted by the Office 365 mailbox limit. This article provides steps to address this limit, both during the migration and beyond.

Troubleshooting Source Server Sync Issues

Source server sync issues can be caused by a variety of factors, including overwhelming the server, local data-transfer throttling policies, impersonation permission problems, or other source server health issues. This article provides troubleshooting options and steps to resolve these.

Cloud Backup and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

More and more customers are implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA). This can impact the creation of a Cloud Backup subscription. This article describes how to successfully create a Cloud Backup subscription for a customer who has enabled MFA.


Greg, Sr. Technical Writer, on behalf of Team SkyKick