Make Your Customer’s Nice List With These Checklists | SkyKick

In this season of Nice and Naughty lists, we thought we’d tell you about some of the lists our partners use to not only improve their O365 migrations and Cloud Backup success, but to ensure they make it on their customers’ Nice List. These lists have been recently updated to reflect product and industry changes as well as partner input.

Migrations Checklists

SkyKick has created several migration checklists to help partners ensure the following with every migration project:

  • Accurate scoping and pricing
  • A comprehensive plan
  • A smooth migration, from order placement through cutover
  • A seamless end-user experience

Migration Pre-Order Checklist

In combination with What to consider in a Migration Project (SOW), the SkyKick Migration Pre-Order Checklist helps partners effectively prepare for, plan, and price each migration project. The result is a more comprehensive and accurate Statement of Work (SOW), including:

  • Required partner tasks and actions
  • Customer roles and responsibilities
  • Dependencies to include Mail objects, properties, and attributes that require manual effort

It helps capture key items and information that may impact the effort, complexity, and cost of the project across the following areas:

  • Source email environment information
  • Workstation and end user email access information
  • Customer resources and responsibilities
  • Customer access requirements
  • Customer information and collaboration

Pre-Cutover and Cutover Checklists
The Pre-Cutover and Cutover Checklists provide guidance and best practices for efficiently monitoring and managing migration projects from order placement through cutover for a smooth migration experience for both partners and customers. Includes:

  • Migration project monitoring best practices
  • Troubleshooting tips for data syncs and Outlook Assistant progress
  • Public and Local DNS actions to perform in a timely manner

Cloud Backup Pre-Order Checklist

The Cloud Backup Pre-Order Placement Checklist is designed to help partners more effectively set up and configure Cloud Backup subscriptions to better meet customer needs and partner operations.

It includes the most important items for partners to understand and consider when creating each Cloud Backup subscription in order to build a more scalable Cloud Backup practice.