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Galbraith-3web-cropped - smallThis week we’re featuring Anthony Galbraith, who is Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer. 

How long have you been a part of the SkyKick Engineering team?

I have been on the SkyKick Engineering team for 5 1/2 years.  

What attracted you to SkyKick?

I joined SkyKick originally as an intern during college.  I was looking for a small startup where I could get hands-on experience with various roles on an engineering team. SkyKick’s engineering team size at the time allowed me to wear multiple hats, helping me discover that I wanted to focus on business intelligence engineering. During my time as an intern, I saw how smart and passionate everyone on the team was and I knew that I wanted to work for SkyKick after I graduated college.

What is your current role and which product(s) do you work on?

My current role is Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer and I work on our internal business intelligence platform. I help build out our data warehouse and reporting systems.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy helping other departments figure out how to organize and store their data in ways that help them unlock insights and make informed decisions. I also enjoy the artistic side of report, creating and figuring out the most impactful way to display data.

What’s your favorite feature you’ve helped build and why?

The billing and insights portal is powered by data from one of the data warehouses I helped build. This portal helps partners obtain more detailed information about their bills and allows partners to export this data to Excel for easier analysis.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

You can find me up on one of the local mountains snowboarding during the winter or out on a boat during the summer. I also enjoy playing video games with my friends and trying out the many local Seattle breweries. 

Other than building software, if you could do anything else what would it be?

Besides working with computers, I have always wanted to be a zoologist.

Tabs or Spaces?


What’s the most interesting Azure in your opinion?

I think the most interesting service is the Azure SQL Data Warehouse

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