Unlocking MSP Success: 4 Key Learnings from our Global Partner Panel

During a recent global panel discussion, we heard a lot of insightful perspectives from our partner panelists. The discussion delved into several key topics including customer expectations, Microsoft misconceptions, the common unfortunate data loss story, and the need for robust intelligent data protection. Below are four key insights from the global webinars:

Customers do not associate backup and security together

In EMEA, Jeremy Hemus from GCC struck a chord when he highlighted a prevalent customer dilemma: the failure to recognize backup as an integral part of their security stack.  Customers often overlook the simplicity of backup amidst the complex security solution set. Jeremy’s words echo loudly: “Your data backup is your ‘get out of jail card.’” Further conveying that having a robust backup is essential.  

Driving better awareness by decoding tech-talk

The technology industry is rife with technical jargon, some of which customers misinterpret. Jeremy highlighted the confusion caused by terms like “big data centers” and “failover.” Customers sometimes consider default Microsoft Retention policies as a substitute for backup. This misconception arose from early messaging, that moving to the cloud eliminated the need for backup. Clarifying this confusion is crucial to ensuring customers understand the necessity of a robust data protection solution.

No second chances with lost data

In the reality of data loss, businesses often find themselves searching for solutions when crucial data goes missing. The panel’s example of mailbox deletion on Day 30 underscored the urgency of having a reliable data protection plan. Jurian Rietvel from Hands on ICT, further emphasized the opportunity here – a chance for MSPs to step in and provide the vital data protection services that Microsoft’s offerings lack, thereby delivering exceptional value to clients.

Microsoft 365 data protection – purpose-built for MSPs

In the pursuit of effective data protection, mere backup is not enough in today’s competitive landscape. Shane Monty, in our US webinar, unveiled a game-changing tool – Smart Insights. This innovative feature within Cloud Backup not only safeguards data but also brings transparency to data protection gaps within clients’ data growth.  Smart Insights doesn’t just protect; it engages and informs, enabling MSPs to have meaningful conversations about the importance of safeguarding data with their customers.

Overall, it was great to see how our partners are getting ahead and helping support customers on their continued journey in the cloud.  What is key to these takeaways is that there is tremendous opportunity in data protection for partners in both securing customer data in an automated way and engaging more deeply through data-driven conversations.