Accelerate Customer Confidence with SmartInsights in Cloud Backup 

Announcing SmartInsights™ to turn data protection into an MSP growth engine

The MSP reality on data protection

Let’s face it: customer anxiety is at an all-time high, and 88% of surveyed small business customers have identified the security of their business data as a top concern. And with business collaboration data climbing at a rate of 57% every two years, these concerns can only be expected to grow louder. It is no longer enough for data to be “merely protected,” as customers demand constant assurances and visibility to ensure that their data remains secure. Not meeting such concerns quickly, is a recipe for customer dissatisfaction and preventable churn.

From an MSP perspective, there are 3 seemingly easy questions that are critical to staying on top of the data protection workload internally and being prepared to proactively engage customers. Those questions are:

Legacy (“old world”) backup solutions make it tough to answer 3 simple questions.

  1. Is my backup working?
  2. What issues need to be addressed?
  3. As an MSP, how do I demonstrate value as a trusted advisor?

Unlike ‘legacy’ data protection solutions that often make it difficult to answer these questions, SkyKick Cloud Backup is taking a different approach that will maximize MSP success.

Announcing SmartInsights for SkyKick Cloud Backup

SkyKick Cloud Backup now includes SmartInsights – a package of visual reporting, insights, and visual dashboards that make it easier for MSPs to proactively turn customer anxiety into a growth opportunity. SmartInsights brings a See It, Solve It, Share It approach to the data protection workload.

  • See It: Partners deserve one source of truth across their M365 data protection business; from snapshots to restores. 
  • Solve It: Managing a staggering number of alerts across all solutions is increasingly challenging; SkyKick provides a prioritized view of the few issues that need attention.
  • Share It: Data protection is a recurring value opportunity and Partners need help in communicating this – leverage visuals to illustrate your customers’ M365 data journey

Comprehensive visibility – See It!

A data protection solution should consistently snapshot new data and restore data quickly while providing clear and transparent details to confirm that these actions have been completed. We have observed that with data protection solutions not specifically designed for MSPs, this information can be fragmented across multiple sources. This inefficiency requires Partners to manually piece together the full picture of their data protection business across all customers.

SmartInsights provide SkyKick Cloud Backup Partners with a single source of truth for their M365 data protection business, spanning from data snapshots to restores. This 360° view enhances operational efficiency and simplifies backup performance analysis at both the business and the individual customer level. By maintaining visibility and awareness of your customers’ data protection status, you can not only improve your own operations but also boost their confidence in your services.

Prioritized issues management – Solve It!

“Set-and-forget” solutions often inundate Partners with an overwhelming number of alerts, leading them to believe that more alerts equate to better functionality. The challenge for Partners is to distinguish between what is important and what is not. They need to prioritize their attention on what matters, but this is not easy when every application is vying for their attention.

SmartInsights enables SkyKick Cloud Backup Partners to quickly and easily prioritize the issues that require their attention. This streamlined view reduces noise and allows Partners to focus on addressing the most important concerns. Furthermore, many of the identified issues are accompanied by helpful articles that provide guidance on how to triage them effectively. By identifying and addressing these issues proactively, Partners can improve the overall health of their customers’ data protection.

Data-Driven Customer Communication – Share It!  

Partners are constantly striving to demonstrate their value as trusted advisors to their clients. However, the value of data protection is often only recognized in reactive situations, such as when the client needs their data restored. To be proactive, it should be easy to articulate the recurring value of a data protection solution.

SmartInsights empowers SkyKick Cloud Backup Partners with customizable visual data charts that illustrate a customer’s data journey and highlight areas that may require enhanced protection. Partners can share these visuals with customers on a monthly or quarterly basis, along with specific actions to improve data protection. This approach effectively demonstrates the value of the backup solution without waiting for a customer to request a restoration.

Early success

In our feature-testing with select Partners, we have already observed the use of these insights to improve partner operations and facilitate the communication and resolution of gaps in data protection with customers through the use of visual charts. Examples of these charts can be seen below, which illustrate snapshot summaries, data trends across M365 workloads, and data protection status.

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