SecurityRadar – scale your security practice with data-driven insights for personalized customer engagement and growth

We are at a crossroads in the evolution of MSPs. In an era dominated by data and AI, security is a top concern for 88% of SMB customers. Despite overall IT budgets staying flat or even declining, 42% of SMB business owners are open to investing more in security solutions. This SMB appetite for MSP security services continues to grow against the backdrop of increased Microsoft 365 adoption (now with an estimated 382 million commercial users worldwide) and the proliferation of sensitive data that is being created in the cloud and shared with users both within and outside of organizations.  

While the customer opportunity is unmistakable, many ITSPs are struggling to meet the demand. Rich customer engagement is costly, technically complex, and often painstakingly manual.  Security is such a vast topic, with thousands of scenarios to worry about.  Imagine gathering security scores, uncovering vulnerabilities, and developing a personalized action plan for each customer to take to your QBRs or other growth conversations.  It is easy to see why, even though partners large and small want to capture the security opportunity, industry data reveals that less than 16% of the partners are able to consistently sell and deliver security services as part of their standard Microsoft 365 MSP bundle.   

Enter SecurityRadar – providing data-driven security insights to jumpstart proactive and personalized customer engagements. Partners can now easily identify customers’ top M365 security needs and zero in on the insights that they need to have meaningful security conversations with customers that earn trust and often open doors for growth conversations.   

“Security is a top priority for Kinetix and New Charter Technologies. We are excited about the new innovations in Security Manager, and SecurityRadar is a game-changer for us. By facilitating strong customer conversations on security, it is helping us drive increased customer value and revenue growth.”

Robert Herbaugh, Security and Strategy Specialist

“We launched Security Manager a year ago with the promise of helping MSPs find security vulnerabilities, fix issues fast and efficiently, and automate the security delivery through scheduling and continuous monitoring,” said Darren Peterson, Head of cloud management products at SkyKick. “With the addition of SecurityRadar in Security Manager, now partners can zero in on the insights and have purposeful security engagements with their customers to both expand their services and increase customer satisfaction.” 

SecurityRadar is more than just data and insights, it can be your radar on Security. It is always listening for security signals from your Microsoft 365 customer tenants and turning them into a blueprint for scaling up your security practice.  By identifying the unique security vulnerabilities and challenges of your customers, it creates a heatmap for where to focus your valuable internal resources – which customers, which users, and what specific security issues to focus on.  You can be confident that this radar is pointed in the right direction because it is trained to look for the top security vulnerabilities that SkyKick has identified in over 3.6 million actual SMB users that SkyKick has under management in Security Manager. 

All of the insights and instruments can be quickly packaged into 4 meaningful customer conversations: 

  • Foundational security insights 
  • Access & permissions 
  • Mailbox security 
  • Teams, collaboration & Tenant security 

The following reports enable different levels of conversations. Depending on the maturity level of the customer, these M365 security conversations can be slightly higher level or more sophisticated. These reports enable different levels of conversations. 

SecurityRadar offers more than just the basics; it can be very effective tool for scaling your security journey.  For example, in Foundational Security Insights reports, it’s not just about a Secure Score number. It addresses questions such as:  

  • What is the foundation in M365 security?  
  • What is the Secure Score and what does it mean? 
  • What is the score influenced by?  
  • How is one customer’s secure score compared to benchmarks of interest to the customer.  E.g. average score across practice, customer of similar size, SMBs in the same vertical? 
  • What are the recommended actions to take to improve Secure Score by 8 points, 9 points, or 10 points? 
  • What is a good target for a desired state of security for a given customer?  
  • These types of questions, enabled by real insights, will help MSPs personalize their customer conversations and deliver results. 

There is just so much to unpack on Microsoft 365 security. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is only the beginning, and we are on a journey together to help our customers.  

Over the next few weeks, we are planning a 4-part blog series in which we will go deeper into each of the four customer conversations and show how SecurityRadar can help IT partners to stay ahead of challenges and drive increased customer value and revenue growth.  

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