Remote Migrations

Move Fast: How to Perform Office 365 Migrations Remotely with SkyKick

Ensure a smooth migration process for SMBs using automation-driven, cloud-based technology

Though cloud adoption is on the rise (the average SMB reports using over 30 SaaS applications) – the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the demand for rapid digital transformation even further. Cloud-based productivity software like Microsoft 365 is touting massive growth given the surge in remote workforces.

It’s no surprise the urgent need for a fully remote workforce is keeping Partners busier than ever. Partners report they are receiving 2-4x more support calls than normal as they try to get their customers up and running in the cloud as quickly as possible.

“Customers are calling in to ask if we can accelerate their migration into Office 365. We like meeting our customers face-to-face, but when that’s not possible, SkyKick is helping us meet that demand remotely – so we can still deliver a smooth migration experience as fast as possible.”

 Trond Skille, Information Technology Consultant and Team Lead, Duett AS 

Partners are not only adapting to new workloads and customer demand for the cloud, but also find themselves having to pivot around new working conditions that mean little to no access to their customers’ place of work. Now they’re tasked with finding a way to perform migrations quickly and remotely, while ensuring the process is flawless so as not to cause further business disruption or downtime.

As a 100% to-partner company, we’re here to support you and hopefully can help ease some of the workload with use of SkyKick’s cloud-based migration technology. We’ve always enabled Partners to remotely migrate SMBs, so we thought it might be timely to remind our community what’s possible with a little help from SkyKick.

7 ways SkyKick can help Partners deliver seamless migrations, remotely

1. Perform comprehensive email discovery with just a single set of source credentials

When you enter source credentials into SkyKick’s Migration Planner, Discovery Services takes care of the heavy-lifting of setting up and configuring a connection to the source server. This enables Partners to uncover detailed information about the source environment without being onsite, including identifying individual mailboxes, aliases, shared mailboxes, public folders, distribution groups and more. This service is completely free – there’s no cost to you or your customer for this comprehensive inventory. For more information, see Migration Discovery Services.

2. Screen-share discovery and migration plan-then export details to your customers

To increase the value of the Migration Planner and Discovery Services, you can offer to do a live screenshare with your customer. This allows them to enter the credentials themselves, relieving any hesitation they may have in sharing their credentials. Plus, it engages them in the discovery process and gives them a view into their current email environment (including things they may not be aware of and that you can help address). Ultimately, it can distinguish you from partners who may require an onsite assessment or a subsequent meeting before progressing. You can then export a comprehensive report of the migration plan for the customer to review or edit. Check out this blog for more ideas on how to leverage Discovery and the Migration Planner to close more deals remotely.

3. Easily configure the migration plan to meet customer needs or environment

Another benefit of using our cloud-based planner is that you can remotely architect a migration plan that’s right for your customer. Planning is a critical step and SkyKick helps you easily understand the scope of the project to more appropriately estimate the work you’ll need to perform. From provisioning a new Office 365 tenant to configuring settings, to selecting desired migration timing – there are lots of options for providing a customized plan while still moving at a fast pace. For more information, see Migration Configuration Training.

4. Leverage SkyKick’s automated, proven-effective end user communications

Rather than requiring you to spend valuable time ensuring all users have the information and instructions they need, you can configure automated communications to keep them informed and engaged. For more information, see Automated End-User Communications.

5. Use the Outlook Assistant to perform tasks that typically require physical or virtual access to end user machines

The SkyKick Outlook Assistant is a powerful, yet lightweight client application that performs a variety of vital migration project functions that typically require onsite access or one-by-one remote access to each machine. Instead, the Outlook Assistant automates these functions across all machines, including desktop and Outlook readiness checks, configuring Outlook to work with Office 365, moving local data, creating Outlook profiles in Office 365, based on each user’s previous Outlook experience. SkyKick offers a variety of ways to deploy the Outlook Assistant across PCs remotely, including end users via automated communications or via MSI. For more information, see Outlook Assistant Overview.

6. Monitor and manage migration projects in real-time from a single dashboard across all customers

The SkyKick Migration Dashboard provides the transparency, flexibility, and control needed to efficiently monitor and manage all migration projects and phases. This single cloud-based dashboard also makes it easy for engineers within the same partner to collaborate across projects depending upon expertise and availability. For more information, see SkyKick Migration Dashboard.

7. Ensure a seamless cutover with automated DNS options or instructions

DNS is one of the most critical aspects of any email migration scenario, and there are a variety of Office 365 DNS records required for a successful migration. SkyKick helps partners ensure a seamless cutover with automated options and timely instructions to maintain mailflow. For more information, see DNS Sync.

SkyKick is here to help

SkyKick remains committed to supporting our Partner community during this challenging and unpredictable time. In addition to these key measures, here are a few additional resources that may be of use.

Unlimited free access to industry-leading support

Whether you’re new to SkyKick or a long–term Partner, a large corporation or a small IT shop, we are just a free phone call away. From helping you with the planning process to troubleshooting issues remotely – SkyKick can help you approach every migration project with confidence. Learn more.

SkyKick Standard Bundle

If you already include backup into your bundled Office 365 services, or are considering it, don’t forget that SkyKick offers a Standard Bundle which can help you ease the cost of the migration for your customers (for free!) and simultaneously provide greater value by protecting your customers as they move into Office 365 with SkyKick’s Cloud Backup solution. Learn more.