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SkyKick is announcing the launch of QuantumSync™ – a major upgrade that brings increased security, faster performance and a better end-customer experience to the #1 MSP-rated Migration platform. SkyKick Migration Suites is known for its focus on partner efficiency and productivity, and QuantumSync innovates to take these capabilities to the next level. Internal and market testing points to 2-4x performance gains in typical-sized migrations and even more significant gains in larger migrations. QuantumSync is deploying to all SMB and Enterprise Migration Suite orders, as well as all Data-Only orders starting today.

In lockstep with improvements that Microsoft is making to Exchange Web Services (EWS) throttling in Office 365 – SkyKick has now built a more efficient and secure approach to provision and move data to Office 365 via a single Global Admin account. QuantumSync leverages this approach, enabling partners to create a more secure customer experience and realize significant gains in the Microsoft Security score.

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Have your cake and eat it too – more secure and higher performance

While enhanced security often adds overhead to typical products, QuantumSync is designed to increase performance even as it improves security. By using proprietary protocol optimizations, the approach delivers significant performance gains across the migration experience. In-house and market testing has demonstrated that this new approach is up to 12x faster in the initiation of data syncing. Combined with increased concurrency, this enables SkyKick to run 2-4x more mailbox syncs. Finally, performance gains multiply exponentially faster in larger migration environments. (See graphic)

“QuantumSync takes SkyKick’s unique focus on migration project automation to the next level of efficiency and scalability – while laying the groundwork for future innovations in security and performance that matter to our partners,” says SkyKick Vice President of Product Management, Chris Rayner.

The enhancements in QuantumSync further strengthen the SkyKick Migration Suites, which was already the top-rated solution in a recent survey of MSPs by research firm AMI-Partners.  

“A great Migration experience is key to unlocking customer appetite for recurring revenue cloud services,” said SkyKick Co-Founder and Co-CEO Todd Schwartz. “QuantumSync is the latest example of our commitment to innovations that promote cloud growth and profitability for our 20,000 partners and the channel.” 

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