What does “100% Partner only” mean

SkyKick builds cloud products to empower IT providers, by creating the most powerful and easy-to-use cloud management products for our industry. In short, our business model relies on our Partners and, ultimately, their success in serving their customers.

Since our focus is not split between customers and partners, we’re able to build and deploy platforms that increase Partners’ success in the cloud.

Here are some areas in which our partner-only focus shines and why it should matter to you.

Product Features

Migrations can be complicated. Our platform is built with tools to specifically support IT providers during the entire, and sometimes messy, migration process. A few examples of our most popular features are: the Migration Planner, Discovery Services, Outlook Assistant, Migration Dashboard, and our Hands-Free Migration. These features, and more, are built and designed to make our Partner’s workload easier, faster, more accurate, and in the end… delight their customers.

Technical Support

Internally, we call our support technicians SAMs (SkyKick Account Managers) because of their level of technical expertise and their collaborative, consultative approach to helping partners. When partners call into our free, unlimited phone and email support, they immediately get someone with the knowledge to investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve Partner questions or problems. Our teams do not field calls from end customers on any projects. In fact, should they get a call from an end customer, they help them find an IT provider in their area.

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Product Development

We’re only as successful as our partners. Our products are designed with partner feedback to resolve migration fatigue and reduce the heavy lifting and process management often asked of by Partners, so they can free up engineering time, unlock recurring revenue and provide the best in customer satisfaction to end users. Partner feedback is the number-one driver of our product and feature development.  We listen to you and build for you. Our commitment to Partners is to continuously innovate; giving you the tools you need to streamline your business while staying on the forefront of the ever-growing cloud industry that’s up for grabs.


Make our products your products. Our platform puts Partners in the driver seat. Put your logo front and center and let your customers see you as the hero while SkyKick takes care of the behind-the-scenes details. Feel free to sit side-by-side with your customers and show them YOUR custom tool that will be handing their important email migration.


During the migration process there is critical information that must be collected from end users. We ensure that all communication sent to end users appears to be sent from your organization. There is never any SkyKick-branded content or logo placement.  Want something more custom? No problem, you can easily edit the email templates to provide your own company voice and feel.

Marketing Support

We’ve created marketing and sales collateral that can be used to help Partners close more deals. Simply log into our Help Center to download the PDFs of interest – put your logo on them and call them yours. For example, having trouble selling Cloud Backup? Take a look at our Cloud Backup marketing materials here.

We Never Compete with Partners

As 100% partner focused, that means we never compete with you. Our mission is to help Partners succeed in the cloud. Naturally, we receive leads from customers wanting to use SkyKick for an email migration or wanting information about our Cloud Backup. These leads, regardless of size, are always distributed back to our Partners. To have an account with SkyKick requires a Microsoft Partner Program ID Number. This means end customers are unable to access our technology without a partner giving them permissions.