Looking Back: Cloud Backup’s Key Moments from 2023

As we close the chapter on 2023, it’s undeniable that this year has been transformative for MSPs. Amidst the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities, working with our Partners globally has driven a lot of insight, innovation, and impact. Let’s take a moment to recap the highlights of the year and explore how the latest enhancements to Cloud Backup have reimagined data protection to be more secure, automated, and customer-centric.

What we heard from you in 2023

Throughout the year, we cultivated strong relationships with our Partners, gaining valuable insights into the challenges faced by their customers. Noteworthy takeaways from these conversations include the realization that customers often fail to consider backup as part of their security plan. As GCC Head of Support, Jeremy Hemus aptly put it, “Your data backup is your ‘get out of jail card,'” emphasizing the crucial nature of robust backup.

The reason customers fail to consider backup as part of their security plan is that they can often confuse it with other technical terms like ‘retention’ and ‘redundancy’. What we learned from you is that simplifying the conversation by decoding ‘tech-talk’ emerged as a critical step in clarifying the misconception and educating customers.

Enhanced customer clarity has led to the need for Partners to evolve their tools and technology to address the challenges of managing larger data sets and increased data risk. This evolution is also driven by customers who are more eager than ever to understand their data protection, underscoring the need for more intelligent data protection.

Reimagined Microsoft 365 data protection

In response to key insights and Partner feedback, we reimagined Cloud Backup, introducing key updates that position SkyKick Cloud Backup as the most intelligent solution for secure, automated, and customer-centric data protection. Some of the pivotal enhancements include:

New User Experience

Our solution now boasts a user-centric interface, enhancing ease of use and streamlining workflows for both administrators and end-users. This not only improves user experience but also increases partner productivity.

Smart Insights

Our new monitoring functionality helps Partners share powerful data growth and protection trends to improve internal operations and drive data-driven customer conversations.

Group Management

We understand the significance of efficient user management for IT administrators in scaling their data protection business. With our enhanced backup solution, our Partners can manage users with Entra ID, automating on-boarding and off-boarding at scale.


We expanded Cloud Backup to include newer workloads like Teams Chat and Microsoft Planner. Additionally, we introduced more comprehensive recovery options, including full and partial Point-in-Time restoration.

Enabling meaningful engagements with your customers

We understand that supporting our Partners requires more than just a robust solution. Here are some key Partner Enablement initiatives that garnered positive feedback:

Engaging Customers

Our webinar on leveraging Smart Insights to drive meaningful conversations proved invaluable for those looking to deepen their customer conversations.

Scaling Automation

The webinar with our Cloud Backup Product Manager, Nick Brown, provided insights into leveraging Group Management for scaling effectively, accompanied by best practices for seamless implementation.

Staying Aware of Compliance & Cybersecurity

The webinar with our Data Protection Officer, Gerard Doeswijk, showcased the critical intersection of compliance and cybersecurity, equipping Partners with the knowledge to navigate this complex landscape.

Onward and upward

In closing, we extend our appreciation to our Partner community for a remarkable year of growth and collaboration. As we usher in a new chapter, the journey toward enhanced data protection continues, and we are excited to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, with you. Stay tuned for more innovations in the coming year!

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