Closing the Gap: Safeguard Customer Data Beyond Microsoft 365 Retention

Customers often misinterpret the limitations of their data retention policies. This poses a challenge for Partners as misunderstandings can potentially lead to data loss and customer dissatisfaction. That is why this week, we will explore Microsoft 365 Retention Policies and guide you in initiating clarifying conversations with your customers to ensure that they fully comprehend the limitations of standard policies and make informed decisions regarding their data security.

Data at risk: Understanding the Microsoft 365 Retention Policy dilemma

Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams are all integral components of Microsoft 365. Within it, Microsoft 365 retention policies serve as a robust shield, ensuring your customers’ information is safeguarded for a specific period of time. For instance, when you delete data within Microsoft 365, it initially finds its way into the Recycle Bin, where it remains for a limited number of days. In Exchange, deleted items are preserved for approximately 30 days, while in SharePoint and OneDrive, this retention extends to 93 days.

Here’s the catch – studies have shown that it typically takes around 277 days to identify and contain a data breach. This can cause significant business impact especially when unsecure data exceeds these retention periods when a breach is discovered.

Why backup matters: Protecting your customers’ most valuable asset

This is where a robust Microsoft 365 data protection solution like SkyKick Cloud Backup steps in. A comprehensive backup solution acts as an extra tier of protection, granting your clients complete control over their sensitive information. SkyKick Cloud Backup is designed to exceed Microsoft 365 retention policies. It sets retention policies by workload (i.e., a different policy between Microsoft Exchange and Teams) while ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations. See the infographic below:

Microsoft 365 Retention Policies:

Elevate customer conversations as a trusted advisor

By understanding the limitations of Microsoft 365 retention policies you can guide a stronger and more thoughtful conversation with your customers on how they view their data protection. To stand out, you can provide a powerful cloud backup solution that exceeds the baseline retention policies, you can deliver superior value by ensuring that all business data can be recovered fast. This empowers your customers to leverage Microsoft 365 without worrying if data will remain protected.

We got you covered: Empower your business with our free sales tools

To further assist our partners in articulating this crucial concept, SkyKick is offering two customizable one-pagers. These resources are tailored to help MSPs explain the intricacies of shared responsibility and the benefits of SkyKick Cloud Backup, catering to both small and large customers. To access these invaluable resources, please visit the SkyKick Readiness Hub.

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