SkyKick Cloud Backup: 3 Ways to Enable User Data Protection

When delivering a data protection solution, it is important that key employee data remain protected. At SkyKick, we recognize the critical nature of this task, which is why in recent months, SkyKick has released new features within Cloud Backup that further automate the protection of users, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your data protection strategy.

In this blog, we will delve into three distinct user enablement options: Explicit Enablement, Auto-Enablement, and Groups Management. We will explore the benefits of using these features, equipping you with the knowledge to enhance your data protection services.

Explicit Enablement: Greater flexibility

Explicit Enablement empowers MSPs with the ability to selectively enable and disable individual user protection. With this feature, you have total control, enabling you to choose precisely when users are onboarded and offboarded. For Partners who value flexibility, Explicit Enablement is the preferred choice as it allows you to tailor your data protection strategy according to your specific client needs.

Auto-Enablement: Seamless automation

Auto-Enablement is a feature that automatically detects and protects newly discovered Microsoft 365 entities. This includes the automatic onboarding of user data as well as collaborative workload data in SharePoint and Teams. For MSPs who prioritize automation and require assurance that no crucial data is left unprotected, Auto-Enablement proves invaluable. This feature guarantees seamless protection, enabling you to concentrate on other factors of your business.

Groups Management: Boosted efficiency

Groups Management is a recently launched capability within SkyKick Cloud Backup, that enables user protection via Microsoft 365 groups. By leveraging existing Microsoft groups, this feature automates the onboarding and offboarding processes based on group-related changes made in Microsoft 365. It represents the ideal balance of automation and flexibility, simplifying and consolidating various tasks for MSPs. Groups Management also significantly enhances operational efficiency, enabling MSPs to manage multiple clients without compromising on data protection.

When making a decision on user enablement striking the right balance between flexibility and automation is key. Remember, each customer is unique, and your relationship with them plays a substantial role in shaping your strategy. To learn more about maximizing the potential of User Management, we invite you to watch our recent webinar.