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Our passion at SkyKick is empowering partners to be more successful in the cloud. That includes providing the most accurate, helpful, timely information and instructions to perform successful migration projects and scale a migration practice.

Tips for you to get the information you need

Every migration is different, and each can introduce a wide range of unexpected variables. Knowing what to expect in every project, and mastering all the technology and troubleshooting skills to address any issue that may occur, can be overwhelming. But here are some tips to help you get to the information you need to be more successful.

  1. Get help before you get started. If you’re new to SkyKick or are looking for a strong base of knowledge to perform successful migrations with SkyKick technology, check out SkyKick Migrations 101. This annotated list of the most foundational articles in our Help Center provides a comprehensive introduction for planning, performing, and completing migration projects.
  2. Get help while planning a migration project: We recently added a Get Help link in the top-right corner of every page in the SMB and Enterprise Migration Planners. Each link takes you to the specific Help Center content for that page, so you can quickly get the context or information you need to move forward.

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  3. Get help while managing a migration project: We’re providing more and more links to the Help Center within the Migration Dashboard and Migration Alerts. These provide context, troubleshooting, and additional information to help you manage each project more efficiently and address issues more effectively.

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Tips for us to help you more

As the cloud industry changes and our products evolve, we have a team devoted to making sure our Help Center stays up to date with SkyKick product innovation, related technologies, and changes in the industry.

You are our best resource to help your success

Our goal is to empower our partners to be successful, so you are the most valuable resource we have for ideas and feedback to make our Help Center more useful. Here are some ways you can help us help you:

Vote at the bottom of any article you view

  • If an article is helpful, take a moment to vote thumb-up at the end of the article.
  • If an article is not helpful, vote thumb-down, and if you have time, send specific feedback to

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General feedback and ideas

If you ever have any input, complimentary or constructive, about our Help Center, please send an email to

  • If something is helpful, let us know. We want to keep doing what we’re doing well.
  • If you have an idea for an article, come across something that is confusing, or have any other feedback, let us know, so how we can improve.

We look forward to continuously improving our Help Center to help you build and scale a successful cloud business.

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