Expansion of SkyKick Cloud Backup storage locations for Microsoft 365 in EMEA

Services are now available via new local European Microsoft Data Centers.

SkyKick Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 is now available via cloud data centers located in France, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland.

Update 25 March 2022 – As of 1 December 2021, Sweden has been added to the list of Microsoft Data Centers available to SkyKick Partners.

SkyKick offers Cloud Backup services to customers and institutions in these markets who want to back up their Microsoft 356 data locally. This enables Partners to offer cloud backup to customers who want to keep data in their own country, instead of other European and South African locations.

With this new data center capability, we are able to strengthen our Partner’s cloud business and see that customer’s backup service meets necessary security, speed, and compliance needs. We’re also ensuring the broadest local coverage is aligned with Microsoft.

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Why backup matters: Protecting your customers’ most valuable asset

This is where a robust Microsoft 365 data protection solution like SkyKick Cloud Backup steps in. A comprehensive backup solution acts as an extra tier of protection, granting your clients complete control over their sensitive information. SkyKick Cloud Backup is designed to exceed Microsoft 365 retention policies. It sets retention policies by workload (i.e., a different policy between Microsoft Exchange and Teams) while ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations. See the infographic below:

Microsoft 365 Retention Policies:

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