SkyKick simplifies GDPR processes for partners

As is required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), SkyKick regularly assesses the technical and organizational measures which underpin its compliance with the GDPR.

As the data processor, SkyKick takes on the lion’s share of the compliance burden, so cloud IT partners wrestling with their own GDPR compliance have one less thing to worry about. They can instead focus on building a more profitable cloud business.

Based on SkyKick’s initial GDPR-readiness assessment in 2017, the company announced its full adherence to the GDPR in early February 2018 and has been continuously working on further solidifying its data and privacy controls beyond the letter of the law.

As part of this process SkyKick, continues its efforts to support its partners with easy and efficient means to provide the necessary assurances to have their customers data be processed in accordance with the GDPR. To further simplify the work of its partners SkyKick updated its terms and now provides the related GDPR-compliant data processing agreement online.

We noticed that our downloadable data processing agreement that required a counter signature wasn’t aligned with the modern digital e-commerce environments and service management tools our partners use to serve their customers. So we worked with our legal team to come up with a new format which no longer requires it to be executed separately from the buy flow experience of our partners. This not only saves a lot of time, but also provides our partners with a far more flexible process by which they can demonstrate the GDPR compliance of their services to their customers

Details of the updated SkyKick  terms and data processing addendum:

SkyKick has also established an internal audit function and is making further investments in support of its certification for relevant security and data protection standards. We will continue to publish new information and assets to support partners compliance efforts for their business and their customers’ businesses needs related to GDPR, as we are constantly looking to improve our processes as they relate to GDPR. As part of this SkyKick continues to drive ongoing, cross-company efforts to enhance GDPR assurance for partners and their customers.

SkyKick’s data privacy team can be reached at for data privacy inquiries, GDPR questions and further information about its continuous compliance efforts.

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