Cloud Backup White Label Service

Cloud Backup White Label Service officially launches

Partners respond favorably to expanded customization capabilities now available to all SkyKick partners

Late last Fall, SkyKick introduced improved functionality to the white label and self-service experience of its Cloud Backup offering. Initially only available as a Beta, features allowed partners the ability to customize the Cloud Backup service under their own brand, while giving end-customers self-service access. This helped MSPs quickly scale their practices, while also building name brand recognition in their local markets. It also exemplified SkyKick’s continued focus on helping partners build a more profitable cloud practice, one that drives end-customer satisfaction and enhances SMB business productivity.

Response from the Beta was very positive, with nearly 100 partners transacting over 100,000 individual orders under their own brand. At the time, SkyKick collected partner input, scrutinized product usage data, and incorporated feedback into the product. With the Beta now complete, SkyKick is pleased to announce the service is now available to all registered Partners.

Cloud Backup White Label

Feedback from Beta participants went something like this…

“SkyKick Self-Service Cloud Backup portal is one of the key additional services we promote when providing cloud backup to any of our customers with Office 365. It has been a key feature requested by all of our customers when purchasing, as they always want to access their own files to restore as needed.”

– David Neav, Owner, Clandestine Solutions Pty LTD, Australia

“Skykick’s White Label/Self Service functionality for Cloud Backup helped Cordicate to provide multifactor and unified authentication to backups using Microsoft Azure AD.  This was a much requested service by many of our customers.”

– Jeff Moser, CTO, Cordicate IT, USA

SkyKick remains the only Cloud Backup SaaS vendor in the market with a robust white label service offering for partners.

Key features include:
– Customization of the partner service URL, logos, Favicon, and contact information

– Ability to provide two different levels of service to end customers (either read-only or full write that allows them to add/disable users and manage licenses)

– Allowing end customers to access the service using their own Office 365 credentials, making login easier and more secure

All registered SkyKick partners can now access the White Label service into the SkyKick Partner Portal and selecting ‘White Label’ under the Syndication tab in the left navigation.

For more detailed information, see White Label Cloud Backup Customer Self-Service Portal in the SkyKick Help Center or reach out to your SkyKick account manager or support team (