5 Takeaways from the Cloud Backup White Label & Self-Service Webinar

SkyKick recently hosted a product webinar on the Cloud Backup white label and self-service functionality for MSPs.  As one of the few Cloud vendors offering these capabilities to partners in the Office 365 Backup space, SkyKick provides tremendous value to its partner community for enhancing and scaling up their cloud practice. In this session, we touched on the high-level business rationale for MSPs to provide such a self-service offering to end customers, conducted a brief demo showing how these capabilities actually work, and concluded with clear instructions on how to get started.

The key lessons from webinar are outlined below:

1. A white label Cloud Backup service can help MSPs overcome challenges they face in growing their cloud practice.

In a crowded IT services market, partners can face a range of challenges in building out their practice – from cost effectively scaling out their business to new customers, differentiating their offerings from competitors, building name recognition in their community and maintaining strong relationships to their end customers. Strategically adding a custom branded Cloud Backup service to their portfolio – with self-service functionality enabled – can be a useful tool in addressing these pressures and benefiting their business through lower costs, better scaling capabilities, and empowered end customers.

2. SkyKick is the leading provider of white label and self-service capabilities in the market today – having initially introduced this functionality over a year ago!

SkyKick is no stranger to the concept of enabling white label and self-service functionality for its partner customers. In fact, the company was the market leader in introducing an initial set of features for its Cloud Backup service in late 2018, giving the company ample experience in learning what partners need and how the functionality can best be integrated into their existing practices.

3. SkyKick recently launched a set of new capabilities that make the white label service even more compelling for partners.

In addition to the existing ability to customize the partners’ Cloud Backup service company name, logo, URL, web site favicon, and contact information, the new functionality recently introduced includes a streamlined user experience that’s consistent with the ‘standard’ Cloud Backup service and more granular control for end-customers.

4. Giving end-customers self service access to Cloud Backup is a way to help scale your business – but consider your audience in choosing your best option for access control.

As mentioned above, one way the white label Cloud Backup service can help an MSP scale out their practice is by granting self-service access to the service to end customers. This article in the SkyKick Help Center points out that there are several options to provide customers with self-service to their Cloud Backup subscription: customers can either be granted access for search and restore only or be given access to additionally perform other actions, e.g. adding or removing users. But bear in mind that the more access and control that is given to the end customer, the greater the potential impact on the perceived value of the partners’ services (and also the risk of errors and mistakes if the end customer doesn’t have sufficient technical expertise).

5. It’s easy for SkyKick partners to get started with the white label/self-service for Cloud Backup.

The white label/self service functionality for Cloud Backup, although still in Beta, is open and free to all registered SkyKick partners. To request access, partners should login to the SkyKick partner portal, click on ‘Syndication’ in the left nav of the screen, and then select White Label. SkyKick encourages all partners to try out the new functionality and share feedback with the product and support teams. Additional information on the functionality can also be found in this article in the SkyKick Help Center.

Watch the webinar on-demand 

If you’d like to view the full 30-minute webinar, it is available on-demand here in the SkyKick Help Center for all registered SkyKick partners. The webinar includes a detailed demonstration of the SkyKick Cloud Backup white label/self-service functionality. Not yet a SkyKick partner? You can create your free SkyKick account quickly here!