Automated Email Migrations to Office 365 – How syncs work for you

Let’s face it, technology and especially IT work is often all about minutia. We’ve built careers on being exacting. We’ve had to, because the smallest configurations, a flag here, a single check mark on an advanced settings page there, can mean the difference between failure and success.

This has perhaps never been more true than when talking about email migrations to Office 365. For your customers, migrations are high-visibility undertakings with the success of their business at stake. For you, they can be high risk, low margin projects with an ongoing relationship with your customer at stake.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The migration project automation contained in the SkyKick SMB and Enterprise Suites allows you to deliver a high-quality migration without all of the headache of provisioning Office 365 accounts, users, mailboxes, aliases, Public Folders, or shared mailboxes. No longer do you have to spend your customer’s cutover weekend going from desktop to desktop exporting and importing .PST files during email migrations and reconfiguring Outlook to connect to a new mail system. Automating functions during Office 365 email migrations is a priority for our platform and why we received the highest partner satisfaction ratings for Microsoft Office 365 migration solutions in an independent survey of information technology professionals by global SMB research and consulting firm, AMI-Partners.

SkyKick automation can take care of all of the provisioning and data synchronizations for you. Better still, all of the synchronizations happen prior to the actual DNS cutover. Data quality and fidelity can be spot checked at any time in the process. You don’t even have to schedule the syncs yourself. In fact, you won’t even be charged for the migration until cutover.

The SkyKick Platform leverages specialized logic to pre-synchronize and periodically re-synchronize data before the cutover, and the automation works continuously so you don’t have to during email migrations to Office 365. It even coordinates data synchronizations, DNS changes, and Outlook reconfiguration at cutover time for a zero downtime migration.

Your customer can rest assured that their data is secure because the mailbox data is never at rest on SkyKick servers. They’ll be happy because a seamless, zero downtime Exchange migration of Office 365 means they can focus on the thing they’re passionate about – their business.