SkyKick Cloud Backup now supports modern authentication

SkyKick Cloud Backup now supports modern authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be enabled on all user accounts in Office 365


Security in the Cloud has become only more important recently with the dramatic acceleration of remote working scenarios. Over the past several years, SkyKick’s focus has been developing the technology to protect MSP customers’ intellectual property through continued product innovation. Today, we are taking the next step in our commitment to security by transitioning from basic to modern authentication with the support of OAuth.

No additional action is required by partners or customers as SkyKick has updated all active subscriptions behind the scenes.

What does this mean?

The move to modern authentication allows for Security Defaults to be turned on for any tenant. Furthermore, MFA can also be enabled on all user accounts in Office 365. This ensures that MSPs and their end customers leverage security best practices.

SkyKick is also updating the Cloud Backup order flow in the SkyKick Partner Portal to make the process easier and more secure. This includes modern authentication in which Office 365 global administrator credentials are provided directly to Microsoft to grant Cloud Backup access to the tenant. Additional details on the new user experience in the Partner Portal can be found in the SkyKick Help Center here.

For Cloud Backup subscriptions placed through marketplaces, SkyKick is working closely with them to help with the transition to modern authentication. In some cases, the transition to modern authentication has already been completed; however, some of the marketplaces continue to use basic authentication. For a full list of marketplaces which support modern authentication, please see the SkyKick Help Center here. Watch the MFA on-demand webinar to learn more.