Introducing SkyKick updates Partner Portal

Improved Security and Usability with New Partner Portal | SkyKick

SkyKick is committed to delivering products that help partners start, grow, and scale successful cloud practices. This includes both our products and the entire partner experience with our platform. We’re excited to announce our updated Partner Portal; which means improved security, manageability and usability. Our updated Partner Portal offers a holistic approach to best in class Partner experience. Starting April 22, Partners can enable single sign-on (SSO) using Office 365 credentials to access the SkyKick Partner Portal. This highly requested functionality provides the following benefits: 

  • Simplified user experience:
    Users do not need to remember a separate set of credentials for access to the Partner Portal.  If already signed into Office 365, simply enter an email to log in.
  • Security improvements:
    Partners can enable/disable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via Azure Active Directory (AAD) and it will be active for the SkyKick Partner Portal.
  • Streamlined manageability:
    It simplifies ongoing account management, including onboarding and offboarding of users. With this feature enabled, if a user is removed from AAD, it automatically removes their access to the SkyKick Partner Portal.

What partners are saying

This functionality has been tested inmarket, and partner response has been enthusiastic. 

“We really like how SkyKick focuses on features that make our lives easier, as well as more secure. The ability to use AAD to manage SkyKick Partner Portal access will really help us with onboarding/ offboarding. And because we have MFA enabled for Office 365, this feature brings that same level of security to accessing the Partner Portal.” 

– Scott Stafford, CTO, OnPar Technologies.

And according to Tyler Cooper, Senior Team Engineer at F1 Computer Solutions, “I wish more vendors were doing this! This will make everyone’s job easier, from end users not having to remember another password to my job managing who has access to what.”  

More milestones to come
In the near future, we will be releasing more improvements, including:

  • Office 365 SSO support for customers who have been granted self-service for their projects. 
  • MFA support for partners who do not choose to enable Office 365 SSO. 

Start using it today
It only takes a couple minutes in the SkyKick Partner Portal to enable this feature. For instructions, see Enable SkyKick Partner Portal access using Office 365 credentials.