SkyKick Migration and Backup tools unaffected by Microsoft changes to Public Folder access

Microsoft recently made a change to how items in Public Folders are accessed and provided via EWS. (Noted HERE, details below). This issue has caused many migration and backup vendors to be unable to complete Public Folder migrations and protect valuable customer data within Public Folders.

SkyKick Migration and Backup Tools are currently performing normally, unaffected by this change from Microsoft.

We understand how critical business continuity and data protection is for our partners. That is why we monitor our product performance so closely and take an agile approach to product development and operations. Together, this allowed us to quickly identify, investigate, and develop a creative hotfix within a day of the change, resulting in minimal impact to our partners.

For more details on how SkyKick works with Public Folders, visit our Help Center – or contact our FREE 24/5 support team. 

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Specifically, Microsoft changed the APIs with which Public Folders are provided via EWS. Microsoft has identified this as an issue and indicated that they would look into deploying a fix to O365. Our monitoring approach identified the issue in real-time and to best serve our partners, we elected to fix the issue in an agile and pragmatic fashion.  Our solution involves increasing the specificity of the requests when accessing sub-folders within a Public Folder tree. This not only addresses the change that was made, it also will continue to work when Microsoft releases their fix at a later date. This is illustrative of our mindset to partner success and repaying the trust that partners place in us.

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