Establishing an MSP’s role within Microsoft 356 shared responsibilities

Decoding the Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility Model

Understanding the roles and responsibilities within the cloud environment, for both you and the customer, is essential to safeguard your clients’ Microsoft 365 data. Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model is the blueprint of who’s responsible for what in the realm of Microsoft 365. This model essentially outlines Microsoft’s level of responsibility, and it varies based on how extensively a business uses the Microsoft cloud. However, the point we want to drive home is that no matter the degree of a customer’s Microsoft Cloud usage, their data remains their responsibility. While Microsoft manages infrastructure and platforms, the security and management of your customers’ data rest firmly in their own hands.

Additionally, Microsoft explicitly states in their services agreement that businesses should regularly back up their data to a third-party source. That’s a clear sign of how crucial data backup is, and it’s a recommendation we cannot stress enough.

Data protection: Turning customer responsibility into your opportunity

Connecting the dots between Microsoft’s shared responsibility and the need for regular backup can be a bit tricky. This is why we have developed a diagram to emphasize the opportunities they create for you as a partner:

Bridge coverage gaps with SkyKick Cloud Backup

Understanding your customers’ responsibility is your opportunity to demonstrate value as a trusted advisor. This is where having a comprehensive M365 backup comes into play. It is the safety net that ensures your customer’s data isn’t just protected but can also be effortlessly recovered, even when it stretches beyond M365 retention policies. With SkyKick Cloud Backup in your toolkit, you have the means to deliver exceptional value to your clients, build trust, and offer them peace of mind.

We’ve got you covered: Empower your business with our free sales tools

To further assist our partners in articulating this crucial concept, SkyKick is offering two customizable one-pagers. These resources are tailored to help MSPs explain the complexities of shared responsibility and the benefits of SkyKick Cloud Backup, catering to both small and large customers. To access these resources, please visit the SkyKick Readiness Hub.

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