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Migration sources

m365-migration-source-exchange@2x Exchange
m365-migration-source-google@2x Google
m365-migration-source-imap@2x IMAP
m365-migration-source-pop@2x POP

Full Suite Coverage

DATA / SETTINGS Exchange Microsoft 365 Google IMAP POP
Data Journal
Public Folders N/A N/A N/A
Public Folder Permissions N/A N/A N/A
Shared Mailbox N/A N/A N/A
Email Categories / Labels  N/A  N/A
Folder & Calendar Permissions  N/A  N/A
Meeting Invite Integrity/Status  N/A  N/A
Rules  N/A  N/A
Outlook Profile
Attach Add’l Offline PSTs
Address Autocomplete
Signature Block
Outlook Assistant
Server Sync

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Frequently asked questions

What does SkyKick migrate?

SkyKick technology provides a comprehensive approach to Microsoft 365 email migrations from a variety of source servers, including Exchange, Microsoft 365 (tenant-to-tenant), Google, IMAP, and POP Whereas many migration tools only migrate server-side data, SkyKick technology also migrates client-side data and provides automation to reduce manual effort and risk across entire migration projects.

How does a SkyKick migration work?

The SkyKick Migrations Full Suite helps IT Partners automate entire Microsoft 365 migration projects from pre-sales to project completion. You can use robust discovery automation to gather the information required to create a statement of work and develop a migration plan. Architect and configure the Microsoft 365 mailbox migration – including distribution groups, aliases, and shared mailboxes – with minimal effort. Once the project is activated, SkyKick Migration Sync technology orchestrates the entire migration according to your migration plan and keeps all the critical pieces in sync while you stay in control. The Migration Manager Dashboard provides a single interface to easily track, monitor and take action, and generate reports. Learn more about Migrations Full Suite..

Will any data be lost during the Office 365 data migration process?

SkyKick technology automatically syncs data before, during, and after the switch to ensure no data is lost or left behind. Also, because data is not moved, but instead is copied from the source and replicated in Microsoft 365, the data on the source server remains intact. For more information, see Server Sync.

How are SkyKick migrations different than other Office 365 migration tools?

Unlike task-level Microsoft 365 migration tools, SkyKick takes a project-level approach to Microsoft 365 email migrations, including a pre-migration project planner to more effectively scope and sell the migration, comprehensive automation across the entire migration project to reduce manual effort, and a migration dashboard that provides the visibility and control to manage multiple simultaneous migration projects. For more information, see SkyKick Microsoft 365 Migration.

What are the benefits of using SkyKick’s Office 365 Migration tools?

SkyKick is the #1 MSP-rated email migration tool in the market and offers many benefits to both MSP partners and their downstream end customers. For partners, it helps them seamlessly and efficiently provide a critical service to their end customers as they make the move to Microsoft 365. Specifically, it provides comprehensive project automation that reduces manual effort and risk and helps orchestrate critical processes across the entire migration experience. Unlimited, automated full-fidelity data syncs before, during, and after cutover ensure no data or mailbox changes are lost or left behind. Partners can easily track their migration projects in a single dashboard. Partners feel more confident with a tool that helps identify and remediate issues before the cutover, eliminating fire-drills and disruption to end users. Automated desktop reconfiguration and Outlook profile creation ensure users get a consistent Outlook experience before and after migration.

Does SkyKick support remote Office 365 data migrations?

Yes, SkyKick supports remote, seamless Microsoft 365 email migrations with automation-driven, cloud-based technology.

When would a SkyKick Data-Only vNext migration be the right fit for a migration project?

The Migrations Data-Only vNext application is specifically designed for the following migration scenarios:

  • Microsoft 365 accounts are already configured, and only email data needs to be migrated
  • Not a POP or IMAP migration in which some or all email data is on the client rather than the server
  • Projects in which end users do not need the SkyKick Outlook Assistant to automatically configure their Outlook to work with Microsoft 365.
  • Customers with all deskless workers
  • Mac shops

For more information review Migrations Data-Only vNext overview in the SkyKick help center.

When should I use Migrations Full Suite vNext?

Migrations Full Suite vNext is optimized for cutover migrations from a few seats to larger, more complicated projects, including multi-server, multi-domain discovery, detailed account configuration, and staged migrations. For more information review Migrations Data-Only vNext overview in the SkyKick help center.

How long do migrations take to complete?

Because no two migrations are identical, it is difficult to predict precisely how long a migration will take. This is due to a variety of factors, including migration method, data source, data type and density, network performance, end-user engagement, and throttling, that can extend the duration required to complete the migration. However, SkyKick makes it easy to schedule and adjust a migration date, scope, and requirements, depending on the desired timeline.

How do I move my email to Office 365?

If your business is ready to move your email to Microsoft 365, SkyKick can help connect you with a trusted IT Solution Provider. We do this because we have found using an IT Partner is the best way for customers to get the most out of IT, the cloud, and our software. If you’re a customer, fill out the Find a Partner form to get connected with a certified SkyKick partner to serve you. From the first planning conversation, to handing you the keys to your new Microsoft 365 home – and everything in between – you will be covered every step of the way.

Is SkyKick HIPAA compliant?

SkyKick conforms to all the HIPAA requirements of a Business Associate. It can therefore sign and fulfill the elements contained in its Business Associate Agreement (BAA) (once completed and signed by a covered entity performing the migration). The BAA contains the elements specified at 45 CFR 164.504(e), including:

  • A description of the permitted and required uses of protected health information by SkyKick.
  • The provision that SkyKick will not use or further disclose the protected health information other than as permitted or required by the contract or as required by law
  • Requirements to use appropriate safeguards to prevent a use or disclosure of the protected health information other than as provided for by the contract.

For more information, see HIPAA Compliant Migrations.