Enterprise Migration Suite

A robust alternative to hybrid migrations: Plan, move, set-up and manage 250+ seat cutover or staged migrations

Outlook Assistant

Completely seamless end-user experience


The Outlook Assistant is a lightweight client app that makes sure every desktop is ready to migrate well in advance of the user’s cloud transition, keeping you in complete control.

The Outlook Assistant automatically sets up Outlook and retains Outlook extras like Address Autocomplete and Email Signatures. It migrates PSTs and reattaches custom PSTs, ensuring timely transfer of all the company’s email data.

End-Users will be delighted by a seamless, disruption-free migration experience that didn’t require anything of them.

Desktop Readiness

With a large number of desktops, often spread over a number of locations, it’s difficult to know ahead of time whether each machine has the right version of Outlook and all the necessary Windows Updates deployed to work with Office 365. Instead of discovering desktop issues, all at once in a post-cutover meltdown, the Outlook Assistant will ensure that each desktop is ready to migrate ahead of time. No desk-side reconfiguration, no finger-crossing, no user downtime.

Outlook Extras

For the end users, setting up their Outlook means more than just connecting to Office 365. They rely on their personalized settings in Outlook to help them work more efficiently. The Outlook Assistant retains things like signature blocks, Address Autocomplete (NK2), and PST data stores. There’s no need for you to reconfigure each desktop post-migration or configure a hybrid.

Office 365 Setup

The SkyKick Assistant automatically sets up the new Outlook profile to work with Office 365. It’s basically hands-free for end users.

Easy, Managed Deployment

You can deploy the Outlook Assistant via Group Policy or other centralized MSI deployment technology.

MSI deployment eliminates any End-User involvement in the deployment process and doesn’t require any elevated local privileges.

If you can’t deploy via the packaged MSI, the End-User self-service installation is simple, easy to manage and idiot-proof.

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