Customer Auto-Sync

Automate and Customize your Customer Base in Security Manager via Partner Center Integration (PCI) v2
Having an up-to-date list of your customers within your SkyKick Portal is important, and in Q4 of 2022 SkyKick built Partner Center Integration (PCI) to make it easy to populate your SkyKick Portal with your customer base. And with your feedback, we’ve made it even better.
Customer Auto-Sync New! 

Keep your SkyKick Portal automatically updated by opting in for the option to have a daily auto-sync run between your Microsoft Partner Center and your SkyKick Security Manager Portal.

Initial Customer Discovery Improved!

PCI has newly optimized speeds. So whether you’re setting up your list of customers for the first time, or want to perform discovery again, this improvement will allow you to populate your Security Manager dashboard with your entire customer base even faster.

‘Managed’ and ‘Unmanaged’ Customer Dashboards New! 

Sometimes there are customers that will not be requiring day-to-day management with Security Manager, but they are still your customer in your Microsoft Partner Center. SkyKick’s new “Managed” and “Unmanaged” dashboards allows you to “Remove” inactive customers from your default “Managed” views, but still view them for future use in your new “Unmanaged” dashboard.

Keeping a list of Unmanaged customers allows you to continue to monitor for opportunities to approach those customers with the great security opportunities which Security Manager provides, while allowing you to keep your actively managed customers in your main views.

These features were all built to save you time by keeping your Security Manager up-to-date with your most actively managed Security Manager customers.

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