Watch an MSP Expert give a live tour of Security Manager for M365

Security Manager for M365 continues to gain momentum around the world – it’s now helping to protect more than 25k MSP customers worldwide. In early April, Richard Tubb, an MSP Expert based in the UK, sat down with one of our M365 Security Experts and UK Leaders, to see an in-product walkthrough of Security Manager.

Here’s one of Richard’s key takeaways:

“I know that while cloud security is a priority for many #MSPs, actually managing licensing and platforms is complex if you’re looking after multiple clients on multiple sites.
So a tool that can help you to do all that will make your life easier. SkyKick is one such option and is capable of monitoring multi-tenants from one central dashboard. It’s designed to be user-friendly and easy to see what’s happening across various systems.”

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This 45-minute video is divided into easy-to-navigate chapters (see complete list below) and covers LOADS of details about SkyKick, M365 security, and the product itself. Most of the time is spent demonstrating the power of the product with a live demo. Some of our favorite sections are:

  • What are the top features that MSPs love about Security Manager?
  • What is a real-world example of Security Manager?
  • Can you customize the product?


You can find more videos about MSPs talking about M365 security, and more short videos of Security Manager in action HERE.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:58 How does SkyKick help MSPs?
  • 03:00 What type of MSP uses SkyKick?
  • 03:59 What is SkyKick Security Manager?
  • 08:38 What are the top features that MSPs love about Security Manager?
  • 13:30 What does the setup routine look like for the Security Manager?
  • 14:39 What does your technical support look like? How quickly can MSPs expect a response to queries?
  • 16:29 Can you customize the product?
  • 20:09 What integrations does your product offer? How does it connect with PSA tools, etc?
  • 21:54 Where can people keep up to date with those integrations? Is there a specific page on the SkyKick website?
  • 23:20 How do you support MSPs in marketing to their clients?
  • 26:31 How does the billing to MSPs for your product work? How is this product licensed?
  • 28:50 What type of contract do you expect MSPs to sign with you? 29:43 What does it cost to become a partner?
  • 30:32 Are there any other features of the product you’d like to show us?
  • 34:15 Can you share with us a real-world example of how your clients’ are using this product already?
  • 37:14 How scalable is your product?
  • 38:27 Where is the data you’re collecting stored? Are you GDPR compliant?
  • 40:15 Final words and landing page with more details –