Protect your customers from phishing attacks with new workflows in Security Manager for Microsoft 365

Phishing is one of the most common forms of security attacks and it targets the most vulnerable aspect of any organization or IT infrastructure, its users.  According to a recent report from Deloitte, 91% of all security breaches in SMB start with a phishing email. While the last line of defense for these types of attacks will always be users, security professionals know that limiting the attacks that ultimately get through to end users is a great way to begin strengthening security posture. The moral of the story is not to overlook the obvious stuff and double down on your customers‘ defenses in that space! 

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Watch how to quickly Find phishing policy gaps and Fix them by enabling new Anti-Phishing policies 

Cloud Manager has had an anti-phishing script available to SkyKick partners for over a year now.  Since then both SkyKick and Microsoft have been improving their technology to bring partners and their customers even more ways to protect themselves with Microsoft 365. The release of SkyKick Security Manager and Workflows provides a strong foundation for an even more powerful anti-phish solution.   

The Research and Configure Anti-phishing Policies workflow not only allows you to report on the anti-phishing policies for one, multiple, or all of your connected customers, it also lets you enact a baseline policy across any or all of those same customers. With just a couple of clicks you can enact Microsoft recommended baseline anti-phish protections across your entire customer base and improve your customer’s Microsoft Secure Score.  

We know that not every customer or M365 tenant is created equally, so while you can enact Microsoft best practice baselines on all customers, the workflow allows you to customize anti-phish settings and either apply them to all of your customers or configure totally unique configurations for each of them.   

Choose from a number of powerful settings to give your customers a bespoke anti-phishing policy including:  

  • Policy Priority  
  • Phishing Email Filter Threshold  
  • Included and excluded recipients, senders, groups, and domains 
  • Action on phishing email receipt  
  • Impersonation Detections 
  • Spoofing protection  
  • User tips  

We also know that many of our partners already have preferred security processes and configurations for their customers.  As with all things Security Manager, the solutions are 100% customizable, so if you don’t see an option you want to include, you can always clone the SkyKick solution and edit it to your and your customers‘ exact needs in the Workbench. 

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