Security Manager is making headlines

Industry press review and discuss all-new Security Manager

We’re rounding up a short summary of the latest press coverage for Security Manager, the 4th addition to our growing suite of Cloud Management applications, and the most powerful application to manage Microsoft Office 365 security.

Since its release in late October, channel press have been buzzing about the product and sharing their reviews. Security Manager is bringing a new level of efficiency, scalability, and profitability to the ITSP industry – as it steps up its focus on Microsoft 365 email security.

Security Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use application, purpose-built for ITSPs to help them Find, Fix, and Automate Microsoft 365 Security. With Security Manager, partners can easily discover risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities across all customers under management. It transforms millions of Office 365 security signals into actionable insights, through a single pane of glass. The application enables frontline ITSP support staff to easily remediate security issues across all their customers. Security Manager also provides advanced automation capabilities for partners to monitor, automate and scale their security compliance efforts.

Check out the stories below to see what channel press are saying about Security Manager.

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Rich Freeman, Channel Pro’s founding and executive editor, spoke with SkyKick Co-CEOS, Todd Schwartz and Evan Richman, about the complexity of securing and managing SMB cloud applications today – a SaaS workload that some 73% of channel pros are doing now or will do soon, as reported by ChannelPro’s 2022 State of the Channel Report.

Rich Freeman ChannelPro Network

“Security Manager, the born-in-the-cloud vendor’s latest product, reflects a growing realization that while managing an SMB’s cloud applications is a big job, securing them can be an overwhelming one.”

– Rich Freeman, ChannelPro Executive Editor

ChannelPro 5 Minute Roundup

Freeman also took some time to provide his thoughts on Security Manager in his weekly ChannelPro 5 Minute Roundup for the week of November 28. In this latest installment, Freeman is joined by MSP industry expert Erick Simpson, Founder and Chief Strategist of In this short clip, the two discuss what SkyKick’s Security Manager means for the evolution of cloud computing.

“A pretty robust tool for dealing with cloud security. It’s interesting [to note] in a sense that the cloud security challenges has reached the point in the evolution of cloud computing that it really does need products that are 100% dedicated to it.”

– Rich Freeman, ChannelPro Executive Editor

Channelbuzz .ca

Mark Cox, Managing Editor at, has decades of channel experience covering the IT channel and recently sat down with SkyKick’s Co-CEO, Todd Schwartz, and Head of Cloud Management Products, Darren Peterson, to discuss the launch of Security Manager. The conversation was focused on how SkyKick’s newest product adds proactive security for Microsoft 365 – and why no one else has tried to address such a complex problem in the MPS market before.

“The automation behind this [Security Manager] to find and fix the problem is extremely complex, and it allows us to monitor and proactively heal things before a problem develops. It took us years to build, including 10 years building the platform as the engine. No one has tried to address this complex problem for the MSP market. It was a very hard problem to solve.”

– Todd Schwartz, SkyKick Co-CEO

Check out Mark Cox’s recent article, SkyKick Adds Proactive Security for Microsoft 365 to Platform with Security Manager.

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Greg Tavarez, MSP Today Editor, covers a broad range of business technologies and recently reported on how SkyKick is enabling frontline ITSP support staff to remediate security issues more easily, while also being more profitable.

His article focuses on the rapid acceleration of SMB cloud adoption, and its effects on ITSPs building security services to drive more customer protection. Read more in his article, SkyKick Provides Relief for Overwhelmed ITSPs.

We hosted our virtual public launch event on 25 October 2022 and were joined by hundreds of global MSPs. Attendees heard from SkyKick Co-CEO, Todd Schwartz, who shared his perspectives on the evolution of automaton for IT Service Providers and how Security Manager can help 100,000 Microsoft Cloud ITSPs improve customer security, reduce cost, and accelerate growth.

Attendees also got their first glimpse of Security Manager in action when SkyKick’s Senior Director of Product Management, Darren Peterson, showcased several vital scenarios where Partners can apply the playbook of Find, Fix, and Automate in order to get ahead with security.

The event also welcomed industry expert Sherman Crancer, President of The Crancer Group, whose selective set of partners he works with grow on average 40% year over year. Crancer focuses on business risk, profitability, differentiation, and creative marketing techniques “to help Microsoft Partners transform into the Partner of Tomorrow.”

As a follow up to our launch event, Crancer invited SkyKick to speak at the “Voice of the Microsoft Partner” series on 2 December. This monthly webinar series is hosted by The Crancer Group and brings together MSPs and channel experts to hear the latest channel trends in marketing, sales, business building concepts, growth strategies, and more. SkyKick was honored to be the ‘partner spotlight’ for the month of December. You can view the recording here.

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