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SkyKick launches Security Manager – the most powerful ITSP application to manage Microsoft 365 security for all customers

Businesses of all sizes and in every industry are increasingly concerned about security. In fact, a recent US Small Business Association study indicates that 88% of small business owners feel their practice is vulnerable to a cyber-attack. So, it comes as no surprise that ITSPs report that security-related tickets now constitute 21% of the workload on the help desk. And that number is only increasing.

Today, many partners are already involved with M365 security. While most use email, Teams, and SharePoint, others work in more advanced scenarios such as data loss prevention and threat detection. Despite this, several MSPs have been left frustrated – if not frozen – by the inefficiencies, costs, and complexities that come with managing their customer’s security. Forcing them to look for a solution that will help to reduce costs, easily expand security services and enable M365 upselling and growth.

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Security Manager is a game-changer for any MSP / MSSP.
– Saul Ansbacher, CompuVision

With these core challenges in mind, in 2020, SkyKick began the buildout of a 4th SaaS product, intended to strengthen security protocols. This conception kickstarted the ability to that the SMB industry is facing. And, after two years of dedication, today we are excited to announce the arrival of SkyKick Security Manager.

Security Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use application that manages  Microsoft 365 security. And like everything SkyKick, it is purpose-built for ITSPs – helping to propel the industry forward by making it easy for partners, to manage and automate their Microsoft 365 security.

Security Manager provides out-of-the-box 1-click solutions for top Microsoft 365 security scenarios

Innovation that delivers value across all 3 aspects of security management

  • Single Pane Of Glass
  • Actionable Security Vulnerabilities
  • Prioritized Security Alerts
  • Insights For Sales Conversations
  • Out of the Box
  • Thousands of Microsoft 365 Scenarios
  • Consistent and Easy
  • Mainstream Staff
  • Autopilot
  • Reactive to Proactive
  • Increase MRR
  • Easily Customizable Workflows

Security Manager is designed to easily help partners FIND, FIX, and AUTOMATE security vulnerabilities across all Microsoft 365 products and services, as well as every customer and employee, in one single application.

Find It: Partners can discover risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities across all customers under management with the built-in ‘Partner Center Integration.’ Security Manager transforms millions of security signals into actional insights through a single pane of glass.

Fix It: Security Manager enables frontline ITSP support staff to easily remediate security issues across customers or to specific customers or users. The out-of-the-box automation and workflows for security alert remediation and data security, turn these into 1-click, consistent remediation solutions.

Automate It: Finally, along with scheduling and continuous monitoring, the advanced automation capabilities in Security Manager place top Microsoft 365 security scenarios on autopilot while allowing partners to improve, automate and scale their security practice.

Getting Security Manager deployed was a snap. It took less than 10 minutes to roll it out to all my clients.
– Shane Monty, VP Bang​

Three key benefits of Security Manager

  • 50-75% cost reduction – from 2,500 hrs to 1,000 hrs
  • Relieve pressure on your team
  • Higher Customer satisfaction
  • 30% more MRR with expanded M365
  • Differentiation & Growth
  • Scale security with existing resources
  • Upsell to E5 and grow revenue per user
  • Increase Microsoft Incentive payouts
  • Grow customer stickiness

See how SkyKick Security Manager can streamline your security delivery and grow MRR

Get started with Security Manager today

To experience  Security Manager capabilities firsthand, take this self-guided tour – and schedule a follow-up with a SkyKick Security Expert to determine how soon you can adopt Security Manager into your technology portfolio, and deliver security services at a higher scale.

You can also learn more about the release by visiting our on-demand Security Manager Launch Event to hear a great presentation, followed by an engaging round table discussion between MSP industry expert Sherman Crancer, SkyKick Marketing exec Harpreet Duggal and Security Manager Product Management Lead Darren Peterson. They offer great insight into current security trends, overcoming barriers to partner success and how if done right, security services can drive the reacceleration of the cloud – with you reaping the rewards!