Partner Spotlight – SkyKick Partner uses Security Manager for M365 to easily diagnose, remediate and monetize MFA for a key customer

Since the launch of Security Manager for M365, hundreds of Partners have adopted the product to help build their M365 security practice and Find, Fix and Automate M365 security. It’s exciting to hear Partner testimonials coming back into our Account Management team.

With Security Manager, partners can easily discover security risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities across all their customers under management. It deeply scans for vulnerabilities across Microsoft’s Graph API and other sources, and turns millions of signals into insightful, actionable and prioritized dashboards.

Recently, SkyKick Partner Account Manager Robert Panholzer interviewed Nicole Gutmann from Switzerland-based MTF Solutions about her early experiences with SM. We were especially excited to her one of her first practical examples of using SM to quickly diagnose MFA gaps in a key customer, use SM native reports to explain the items to the customer, and then SM to remediate the issues.

Easily implement and manage MFA across all of your tenants

Hear Systems Engineer, Nicole Gutmann, of MTF Solutions, describe how she used SkyKick’s Security Manager for M365 to diagnose MFA for a key customer:

Security Manager provides out of the box automation and workflows for security alert remediation and data security. These workflows take the top security scenarios that customers care about, and turn these into 1-click, consistent remediation solutions built on best practices from Microsoft and industry security professionals. Scheduling and continuous monitoring allows partners to put top M365 security scenarios on autopilot. Set it and forget it – let machines do the low-risk, low-reward portions of the security workload. Partners can now put their best foot forward and go from reactive to proactive.

“Our main challenge right now is to see how our customer tenants are configured and how their Secure Score is looking. Right now we manage about 100 tenants. Security Manager is a great benefit, so we can see everything in one interface. With Security Manager we are able to gain a lot of efficiency in managing our customers Microsoft 365 Security.”
– Nicole Gutmann, Systems Engineer, MTF Solutions

Customer Challenge

A key customer had MFA in place with some users, but not all. The customer asked for MTF help to upgrade all users to MFA. An issue that MTF faced before using Security Manager was that native Microsoft tools and the Secure Score didn’t count conditional access policies in MFA enablement reports. The challenge – find the gaps, explain the work to the customer, and fix the situation.

Partner Solution

One of the simple, native reports inside Security Manager clearly allows Partners to see all MFA enablement details – including which users have manual or conditional access. Even better, as Nicole says, the Security Manager report is customer-friendly enough to hand directly to customers. This allowed for immediate transparency with the customer – and a quick path to their blessing the work to update all users to MFA. This remediation was done with just a few clicks inside Security Manager.

“With the MFA Report in Security Manager we are able to analyze our customers MFA status very quickly for all tenants and can send them a monthly report about users that have not yet configured their authentication factors or are not MFA enabled.”
– Nicole Gutmann, Systems Engineer, MTF Solutions

Watch the full interview to hear more about MTF’s thoughts on Security Manager: