New Products and powerful platform upgrades empower MSPs to thrive with M365 Security  

As we continue to focus on providing cutting-edge solutions for our Partners and their Microsoft 365 customers, we are delighted to introduce Partners to SkyKick’s new intelligent Cloud Backup, revamped Security Manager, and next-generation Migration Suites. These enhancements deliver greater data protection capabilities and personalized security insights, enabling MSPs to meet customer demand for robust security solutions and conversations.  

The recent announcement of new products and platform updates, marks our most significant platform update in company history – fortifying how MSPs and their Microsoft 365 customers approach security. Built with more automation, intelligence, and data-driven insights, Partners can easily build, sell, and deliver security services for all their Microsoft 365 customers. Read on to see what’s new and how partners will benefit.   

“At SkyKick we closely monitor usage and adoption trends among customers and partners. We’re seeing that in order for MSPs to turn customer demand for security offerings into a successful practice, they need better and more intelligent tools. Our new products make it easy for Partners to not only meet customer demand, but to grow revenue and build a successful security practice – one that is easy to sell and easy to manage.”   

SkyKick Co-CEO, Todd Schwartz

Intelligent Cloud Backup

We have taken Partner feedback to heart, resulting in the development of our new intelligent Cloud Backup product. This solution has been designed to deliver a richer customer experience with the following key enhancements: 

  1. SmartInsights: Turn Data Protection into a Value Differentiator 
    Customers’ want to proactively understand their data protection status. With SmartInsights Partners can tap into customer appetite, transforming data protection into a valuable differentiator while enhancing customer engagement.  
  1. User-Centric UI: Streamline Customer Conversations 
    Acknowledging the shift in customer conversations from ‚what‘ to ‚who,‘ we have introduced a new user-centric interface. This streamlined design, reflecting the Microsoft experience, reduces time-to-resolution and boosts customer satisfaction. 
  1. Groups Management Functionality: Automate Customer Management 
    With the introduction of Groups Management functionality, Partners can now manage customers using Microsoft Groups – aligning to the way that many leading MSPs manage users via Azure Active Directory today.  Automate onboarding and offboarding processes on a larger scale with this new functionality.   
  1. Microsoft Planner Integration: Expanded Microsoft 365 Coverage 
    We understand the importance of newer Microsoft 365 workloads, such as Microsoft Planner. That’s why we’ve extended our trusted Cloud Backup protection to include this workload, ensuring comprehensive M365 coverage for customers. 

Revamped Security Manager

Launched in fall 2022, Security Manager has quickly become a pivotal addition to our Cloud Management suite. Now, we have further enhanced this product with more automation and speed, empowering Partners with data-driven security insights for superior customer protection. The following updates have been introduced: 

  1. SecurityRadar: Drive Proactive Security Conversations 
    SecurityRadar is a key innovation within Security Manager. Armed with data-driven security insights, Partners can initiate proactive and personalized customer engagements, leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.
  2. Microsoft Partner Center Connector Updated: Simplify Customer Management
    By upgrading our proprietary Microsoft Partner Center Connector (PCI), we have made it 2X faster and more automated. This enhancement simplifies day-to-day customer management and helps Partners comply with Microsoft-mandated GDAP standards.  

Next Generation Migration Suites 

SkyKick’s journey began over a decade ago with a vision to be „the easiest way to Office 365.“ Today, our vision remains intact, but with the evolution of Microsoft 365, our migration platform has grown more powerful and versatile. The next-gen release of SkyKick Migration Suites enables Partners to leverage automation precisely tailored to their needs and specifications. 

  1. Flights: Unlock unprecedented flexibility and configurability 
    Partners and their customers often need related groups of users to be set up, migrated, and provisioned on different schedules and settings. Flights is an intuitive and visually appealing user experience that unlocks unprecedented flexibility and configurability in the migration experience.
  2. Intelligent Sync Technology: Reduce errors rates and increase performance
    Built with years of research and learnings based on edge cases and user conditions that can cause errors, the core data sync engine in this next generation of migrations can reduce error rates and minimize the need for manual interventions by 30-50%.

Between the highly configurable Flights User Experience, a more performant sync technology, and product-wide adoption of modern security practices, SkyKick has reimagined the “easiest way to Microsoft 365” with even more ease, flexibility, and control for the modern ITSP.  

At SkyKick, we are deeply grateful for the continued support, constructive feedback, and business from our Partners. Our fundamental vision remains to be the platform of choice for MSPs building and growing their business around Microsoft 365. With new products and major enhancements across Migrations, Backup, and Security Manager, our continuous commitment to partnering for mutual success shines through. We’re thrilled to help Partners stay ahead of industry challenges and deliver exceptional value.