Celebrate World Backup Day on March 31st!

It’s the best time to secure customer loyalty and maximize profits

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It’s time to act! World Backup Day is Friday, March 31st, and represents an important time to understand the critical need to protect data from potential loss. In 2011, the Reddit community developed World Backup Day as a reminder to save all your cherished pictures, videos, and other important data somewhere secure. The event also falls a day before April Fool’s Day, which is notorious for cyber security breaches, further supporting the message that we each have a role to play in backing up our data before it’s too late– or risk becoming an April Fool.

of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses
Average cost of one hour of downtime for a small business
$8 trillion
Cost of cybercrime predicted to hit in 2023

Since its start, it has become common practice for many media outlets to open up conversations about the importance of data protection, with the ultimate goal of raising public awareness and support to encourage action.

The increased buzz by the media surrounding World Backup Day means that a lot of marketing will be done for you! This marks the “holiday” as your best annual opportunity to sell backup services to your customers, as their awareness regarding their own protection ‘gaps’ will be heightened.

3 steps for MSPs to take advantage of this window

  1. Make sure Sales Teams are educated
  2. Prepare cohesive and effective Marketing and Sales messaging
  3. Execute at top and bottom of the sales funnel

SkyKick’s Campaign-in-a-Box is designed to help you win

Access turn-key sales assets to simplify your workstreams and grow your cloud business

We’ve compiled a set of assets to help your teams

We are going to gift you a marketing toolkit, Campaign-in-a-Box. In this kit, you will receive assets in the form of an Email Campaign. This turn-key tool is the perfect solution to help you achieve your sales goals with minimal effort. Leverage it to easily open conversations about the importance of backup solutions with your customers and remind them how SkyKick Cloud Backup is a fast, easy, and low-cost way to provide a clear level of protection in the cloud. The simple three-step process will ensure that you drive your value and establish yourself as a trusted advisor, giving your customers a sense of security and peace of mind.

To-Customer Campaign in a Box

Campaign in a Box

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Campaign in a Box

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Both include:

  • Protect M365 with Cloud Backup eBook /Presentation
  • Cloud Backup Product Data Sheets – US/ANZ + EMEA
  • Product Webpage Template
  • Cloud Backup Marketing Video for Your Website
  • Product Demo Video for Customers
  • Social Posts and Copy
  • Email Templates and Signature Banner
  • and more
Additional Sales Assets

SkyKick Cloud Backup Protects Teams Chat

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Backup eGuide
Turn Data Protection into an MRR Growth Engine

Visit the eGuide

Microsoft 365 + Cloud Backup: Better Together

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MSP Favorite Tip – Many of our SkyKick Partners report that using the “Cloud Backup Waiver” has been a great way to nudge the most reluctant customers into backing up their data. It asks the customer to sign a statement that they understand they are choosing not to back up their data.

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Don’t stop at backup – find easy ways to grow with Microsoft 365 Security

Successful MSPs leverage Security Manager to expand customer protection efficiently

Today, many partners are already involved with M365 security. While most use email, Teams, and SharePoint, others work in more advanced scenarios such as data loss prevention and threat detection. Despite this, we have heard over and over that MSPs have been left frustrated – if not frozen – by the inefficiencies, costs, and complexities that come with managing their customer’s security. Forcing them to look for a solution that will help to reduce costs, easily expand security services and enable M365 upselling and growth.

Security Manager is a game-changer for any MSP / MSSP.

Saul Ansbacher, CompuVision

Extending the conversation with your customer about other forms of M365 security is critical to keeping them safe – and growing your business in 2023. SkyKick Security Manager Streamlines security delivery and accelerate growth with 1-click solutions for top M365 Scenarios, including improving their Secure Score, across all Microsoft 365 customer tenants.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Manage M365 MFA settings across all tenants in one portal


Establish and maintain M365 Anti-Phishing policies

Single Sign-On

Activate and manage SSO across all customer tenants

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Monitor and remediate issues

M365 Email Security

Quickly manage email security, permissions, and settings


Set permissions across all of your tenants from one interface

Threat Prevention

Protect against attacks across M365 collaboration tools

Security Assessments

Quickly generate M365 Security Assessments for your customers

Microsoft Secure Score

View all customer Secure Scores & implement remediations

Assets to help your team

Security Manager Datasheet

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Sales Tool
Security Conversation Framework

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Security Manager Quick Guides

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Business Planning
Customer Assessment

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Backups are like insurance policies; you wonder why you’re bothering until the day that you actually need them.

– Chad Smith, Senior Consultant, Endeavor Solutions