March 31st 2024
An MSP Guide: Make the Most of World Backup Day

Did you know that most cyberattacks happen to SMBs on April Fools Day?

That is why you need to get ahead! As we approach March 31st, it is time to mark your calendar for World Backup Day. Since its start in 2011, this global event has served as an annual reminder for MSPs to prioritize data protection for their customers amidst evolving threats. From ransomware attacks to data breaches, the consequences of inadequate coverage can be devastating.

of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses
Average cost of one hour of downtime for a small business
$9.5 trillion
Cost of cybercrime predicted to hit in 2024

With the significant risks cyber threats pose to businesses of all sizes, World Backup Day is the perfect moment for you to engage your customers in meaningful conversations about their data protection.

Join us as we uncover SkyKick’s 3-Step Guide to World Backup Day Success, a campaign toolkit designed to spotlight the essential role of backup. This campaign is crafted to connect with your customers, equipping you with the resources needed to educate and engage them in safeguarding their digital assets.

Backups are like insurance policies; you wonder why you’re bothering until the day that you actually need them.

Chad Smith, Senior Consultant, Endeavor Solutions

Take action
3 key steps to leverage World Backup Day for success

First things first – To make the most of this moment, it is important not to delay your customer outreach. By being proactive, you can utilize World Backup Day to drive revenue and build trust.

Here is your personalized roadmap for launching the campaign, divided into three steps. Dive into each section to uncover downloadable assets curated to help you authentically connect with your customers.



Communicate the connection between World Backup Day and your Microsoft 365 Data Protection services EARLY, to maximize the number of booked meetings.

Keep in mind relevant regional statistics as well as any additional marketing techniques that highlight World Backup Day to broaden your outreach.

Email 1
Safeguard your Business
Email 2
Proactive Data Protection
Email 3
Act Now: Secure Your Data
Email Signatures
Social Post 1
Don’t Gamble with Your Data!
Social Post 2
Protect your Data for Peace of Mind!



Tailor personalized meetings for your customers to map to their unique needs.

Consider the size of the customer and the industry in which they operate. By linking their data directly to their industry, you can make the importance of data protection more tangible and relevant.

Customer Pitch Decks
For Enterprise and SMB customers
Cloud Backup Waiver
Product Datasheets
For Enterprise and SMB Customers
Compliance Datasheets
Essential 8 and Ransomware UK



Continue to develop trust and foster deeper partnerships by leveraging data protection to enhance customer engagement.

Make the most of tools that help to identify data protection gaps and growth in trends to maximize impact.

Close the Data Protection Gap
Case Study Template
Cloud Backup Case Study

Download the assets
FREE sales assets to launch your campaign

We’re here to help! Build your campaign with this turn-key marketing collateral.
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