SkyKick Migration Suite

SkyKick’s white-labeled Migration Suite offers robust project automation designed to streamline Microsoft 365 migrations. Its four integrated products help you plan, move, set-up, and manage your customer’s migration to Microsoft 365.

Plan: Migration Planner

The Migration Planner delivers a personalized migration plan for each business

  • Email Assessment of the email environment to help prepare for a successful migration.
  • Mailbox Discovery of the source email architecture, including normalizing it for Microsoft 365 and displaying the results.
  • Fancy Mode to view and edit mailboxes, distribution groups, aliases, and shared mailboxes, and perform complex migration scenarios like cross-mailbox migrations.
  • Microsoft 365 Licensing to assign the right Microsoft 365 licenses to each specific user.

Move: Migration Sync

Migration Sync technology copies the server data to Microsoft 365, moves the domain, and sets up the Microsoft 365 account.

  • Server Sync syncs the email, calendar, contact data (and more) before, during, and after the migration date to virtually eliminate data migration risk and provide a fast, safe, and easy migration experience.
  • DNS Sync manages the Microsoft 365 domain process, accelerates the DNS propagation across the Internet, and is optimized to ensure zero email downtime.
  • Account/User Provisioning provisions the Microsoft 365 account, users, and licenses according to the plan created in the Migration Planner.

Setup: Outlook Assistant

The Outlook Assistant properly sets up Outlook and moves client-side data to reduce the friction and frustration for end users.

  • Outlook Setup performs desktop and Outlook readiness checks, automatically sets up the new Outlook profile, and connects to Microsoft 365.
  • Local PST Migration moves local POP3/IMAP data to Microsoft 365.
  • Extras migrate signature blocks, Address Autocomplete (NK2), and PST data stores to ensure the most seamless Outlook transition possible.


  • Supported Systems include Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013, Google, IMAP and POP3 on any hosted email provider, as well as your on–premises server and Microsoft 365 (one tenant to another).
  • Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Zimbra and other systems are not supported.
  • There is limited support for hybrid migration scenarios. For more information, contact
  • Customer will execute terms of service with SkyKick.

SkyKick Terms and Conditions