Enterprise Migration Suite

A robust alternative to hybrid migrations: Plan, move, set-up and manage 250+ seat cutover or staged migrations

Enterprise Migration Planner

Migrate thousands of users without them lifting a finger

enterprise migration planner

Large projects require a robust, adaptable plan combined with powerful management capabilities. The Enterprise Migration planner makes it easy to discover, triage and configure multi-source, mixed protocol migration projects with thousands of users.

With “Hands-Free” migration options you can migrate thousands of users – including Outlook pre-configuration and remediation – without any end-user involvement.

Start migrating easily, without weeks of complex reconfiguration of your customer’s environment.

Email Assessment

The first step in the planning process is to analyze your customer’s email environment. Starting simply with an e-mail address and password, the Web Planner determines the email server protocol and settings, and assesses system accessibility.

Fancy Mode

Easily handle complex email scenarios with no programming required! Do advanced migration operations like cross-mailbox data migrations, and advanced email routing in just a few simple clicks.

Easy to set-up

Start migrating with minimal to zero reconfiguration of your customer’s local environment. No risk of breaking changes, no additional servers and no complex integration steps.

Completely End-User Hands-Free

Migrate user data, settings and reconfigure their desktops without having them perform a single step in the migration process. Delight end-users with a seamless migration experience that lands them gracefully in Office 365 taking the disruption out of the transition.

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