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Manage Users

Add or remove employees, manage password resets, and control user access across multiple SaaS providers from one dashboard.


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Create, remove, update and delete users

Manage employees’ cloud access and attributes with ease. Add, change, or remove: product or feature access, licenses, distribution groups, security groups, permissions, and other key attributes. All from a single, consistent interface.

Password reset

Password resets are one of the most requested support items. SkyKick Cloud Manager simplifies this task by allowing you to easily reset passwords for multiple providers from a central dashboard. Say goodbye to hunting around for the right account to sign in to or links to send.

User assignment

Assign users to specific groups so they automatically adopt the permissions and rights attached to the group. This capability makes adding new users to the organization a simple task. Users inherit licenses attached to a template simplifying license distribution.

marketing department template

Manage Groups

Templates allow you to manage groups of users #likeaboss. Change providers, licenses, distribution groups, and other attributes for a team or user with a single click.

Templates are pre-defined collections of access rights, licensing and membership settings across one or many SaaS providers.



Easily manage groups of users via a group template. Any user added to a template inherits all the attributes of that template and any updates made at the template level gets applied to all users within the group. You can quickly react to changes in the customer’s policy, licensing and business needs.


Distribute available licenses to groups of users rather than individuals. Managing licenses across groups of users helps save time and stay organized especially when setting up new users.


You have the ability to distribute SaaS providers and applications across specific user groups. Rather than follow the “one for all” policy, you can now choose which group (HR, Marketing, Sales, Kiosk Workers etc.) gets what applications.

Template auto-creation

Create a new template by cloning the attributes of a representative user. Then apply them to multiple users.

Manage Providers

With an intuitive interface, easily add, configure and manage your customer’s cloud apps like Office 365 and Dropbox (and more coming all the time).


management providers
Add and remove providers

Add, configure and manage Office 365 and Dropbox accounts across your customer’s organization from a single command center. This will save you time when employees join or leave your customer’s organization, or if you need to make global changes across your customer base. Plus, we’ll be adding more providers frequently to make this your one-stop shop for all things cloud.

Auto discovery of users, groups and licenses

SkyKick Cloud Manager auto discovers existing SaaS providers on your customer’s network and auto-assigns users, groups and licenses to the appropriate provider.

Manage provider settings

Set permissions and rules to determine who gets access to what providers. Permissions can be set at the user level or the group level. You can control which features and licenses are available.

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