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SkyKick helps migrate email from virtually any source system to Microsoft 365

Exchange Server (On-premises)
Exchange Server (Hosted)
Migration 365 tenant-to-tenant

Google / G-Suite / Workspace

Get a best-in-class email migration experience

Migrations can be complex and risky. Work with a SkyKick partner and a top-rated migration tool to make it simple and stress-free.

Easy to get started

Get a comprehensive discovery of your email environment to streamline planning and optimize your new workspace

No business disruption

Intelligent automation and orchestration ensure a seamless switch, with no interruption to mail flow or your business

Real-time management

Ongoing project monitoring and troubleshooting ensure everything progresses according to plan

High data fidelity

Syncs before, during, and after the switch to Microsoft 365 ensures no data is lost or left behind

Safe – No data deleted

All data is copied, not moved, from the source email server, providing an extra layer of protection and security

Smooth transition for employees

Outlook tool ensures each user’s profile is accurately recreated in Microsoft 365

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How to move your email to Microsoft 365

8 Vital considerations for a successful email migration to Microsoft 365


Smooth migrations to the cloud are more important than ever

73% of workers want flexible work options to continue.1 Ensure strong productivity, collaboration and cost savings with Microsoft 365

53% of all organizations accelerated cloud migration due to business impacts from COVID-192

By 2023, 50% of all business workloads are expected to run in the cloud2

Outdated IT infrastructure presents significant security risks. Industry-leading cloud providers can provide enterprise-grade security and compliance

54% of IT buyers agree that cloud providers offer superior security compared to an organization’s own data center2

43% of cyberattacks target small business on-premises systems2

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Our goal is to empower customers to achieve more with the peace of mind that their data is protected and secure when migrated to the cloud. Our bundled solution of Microsoft 365, a SkyKick migration, SkyKick Cloud Backup, and our CordiCare Support gives customers exactly that. And it allows us to spend more time focusing on strategy, solving business problems for our customers and helping them achieve their goals.”

– Jeff Moser, CTO, Cordicate IT


1 – DTEX Systems
2 – SWZD